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WCCW Disk 40 Review - Part 1

WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling Disk 40 Review - Part 1

I did a podcast on this show here:

WCCW Syndicated Show at the Sportatorium Taped 01/20/1989:
Jimmy Jack Funk vs The Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto aka The Great Muta)
There is a tracking line during this. I can't do anything about it.

"They said all Akbar wanted to do when he was in school was be an astronaut. But all he did was take up space." - One of the commentators.

Jimmy Jack Funk beat The Super Black Ninja by DQ when Skandor Akbar called in his crew to interfere. We then went to a big melee with Gary Young, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Embry, Brickhouse Brown, Iceman King Parsons and others. The crowd loved the brawl, but the match was eh. It was just all kicks and punches and was very hard to get into otherwise.

WCCW Syndicated Show at the Sportatorium Taped 07/29/1983:
Mr. Ebony vs Iceman King Parsons

Iceman King Parsons beat Mr. Ebony with a butt bump in a quick and not so good match. Again, this was all punches and kicks. The crowd liked it but I thought it was boring. Buddy Roberts was down at the ring and jumped in as soon as the match ended, doing a 2 on 1 on Parsons. Parsons cleared out Ebony eventually with a dropkick.

WCCW Syndicated Show at the Sportatorium Taped 12/02/1988:
Eric Embry and Jeff Jarrett vs Cactus Jack Manson and Gorgeous Gary Young

"Embry, with the scissors." - Mercer | "They're cuttin his hair!"

Cactus Jack Manson and Gary Young won this in only a few minutes by DQ when Embry brought out the scissors or maybe when he tossed the ref. This was a short but wild brawl. The crowd was hot for this and it was pretty much all mayhem, which is fine by me! Young got a quick haircut but I do think he was wearing extensions.

1/27/1989 Texas Death Match - Texas Heavyweight Championship - Brickhouse Brown vs Iceman King Parsons

Iceman got the first fall after Akbar gave him some knucks and he nailed Brick with it.
"Imma ask you one mo' time. When I aks you, am I your master? Young punk, you say "Sho' Nuff" - Iceman King Parsons
"Am I yo master? Am I your master?" - Iceman | "I've never seen anything like this before." - Marc
"This is terribly degrading for Brickhouse Brown." - Marc

"Iceman's even taking time to agitate the fans a little bit." - Marc

Devastation Inc, Embry, Jarrett and JJ Funk got involved and that unfortunately ended this. This was a really great and classic match. Parsons was on top of his game here and was such an awesome heel. He was just nasty trying to make Brick call him Master. I loved how he had it in control and was strutting and taunting the fans, with the fans buying into it and yelling at him back. Loved his punches and his selling was also a ton of fun too. This was your classic brawl and a total lost gem that I was thrilled to discover. I legit may go 5 stars because this was pretty great. Definitely a must see if you are into the Memphis brawling style. I was really disappointed when the heels jumped in and ended this, but nothing I can really do about it. Rating:*****

David Von Erich Parade of Champions II from Texas Stadium 05/05/1985: Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez vs The Great Kabuki and Scott Casey

Huge boos for Gino's entrance into the ring

"Sunshine's in there and they got her!" - Marc

The Dynamic Duo of Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez got the win when Kabuki misted Gino and got DQ'd. Fun match here. The crowd really hated the heels and Kabuki looked pretty good out there. Adams was such a jerk and I liked when they double teamed Sunshine of all people. The finish was kinda. I liked the Sunshine part, but you could barely see Kabuki mist Gino, and I'm not even sure he did. A shame too as a real finish would have been nice here. Good stuff overall though.

WCCW Syndicated Show at the Sportatorium Taped 05/17/1985: 
 The Midnight Express vs Skip Young and Mike Bond

Dennis Condrey got the win over Mike Bond with a double stomp. Short but fun match here with the faces getting a few hope spots in and the MX just being their usual good selves. Cornette mouthed off a bit as well and we had a hot crowd which made this fine.

This will be the end of part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Overall thoughts: This was a pretty fun disk. Parsons vs Brown was a great brawl that was done pretty much perfectly. The Dynamic Duo were very good and the Midnights were fun as well. I also just really enjoyed it as a whole. Lots of great heat and wild brawling! here!