Friday, April 18, 2014

WWE Legends House Episode 1 thoughts

WWE Legends House Episode 1 thoughts

The show is eh. It really has no hook to it and it doesn't give you any real reason to watch the following week.

I think this is gonna be a tough one to do much with. The legends all are too beat up to do the typical reality show challenges and there isn't a real stand out character. One other issue here is that there is nothing to compete for, which kills the drama. There is no win or go home storyline here and honestly, even if there was, we all know going home would be the actual prize. So what you end up getting is a bunch of people who don't want to be there trying to make chicken shit into chicken salad.

Some thoughts on the characters:
- Piper is really uncomfortable to watch. It's like watching a veteran with PTSD. I'm sure he is hamming it up but there's some realities to wrestling that don't need to be advertised.
- Hillbilly, Hart and Hacksaw are pretty similar. Just nice old uncle type of dudes.
- Pat so far may be the highlight. He's basically your "overly gay guy" character. It really works for this show though because he doesn't have other ramped up personalities to compete with.
- Tony Atlas is supposed to be the loveable oaf I suppose, much like his WWE character. I guess maybe he will get a racism episode or something, but I don't think he's going to make much of a difference. He's a lot like Hacksaw and Hillbilly in just being chill guys in real life. Not really the type of guy that would work on these.
- Fink didn't get much time but I actually think he could be one of the more interesting people on the show. We don't know a ton about him so I'm interested to see what happens. Maybe he could be a dark horse character.
- Gene is gonna be the creep of this series. He probably will also stir stuff up. I think he's going to come out of this show looking bad to the people that haven't seen his low points.

I'll check out next week's show but this one was just depressing.