Sunday, December 28, 2014

PRIDE FC - Championship Chaos 2

PRIDE FC - Championship Chaos 2

I did a podcast on this show here:

Hirotaka Yokoi vs Jerrel Ventiaan

"Why isn't Venetiaan in his corner?" - Quadros

"At this point he's mounted again. Doesn't look like he's gonna be escaping..."- Quadros | "Nope" - Bas

Venetiaan gets saved by the bell on an armbar attempt

Yokoi won the first round hands down. He rode him and GnP'd him all the way with Venetiann getting in diddly. Yokoi definitely tired himself out though and didn't hit any super good shots in the GnP.

Venetiaan escapes...then gets put down again!

Armbar tap out.

Hirotaka Yokoi beat Jarrel Venetiaan via armbar in the 2nd round at 3:29. This was a totally one sided fight with Yokoi being on top the whole time and finally finishing. Venetiaan got nothing in and Quadros described this as "target practice".

"I'm gonna slam him then drive a knee into his head and it's probably gonna be over within 2 minutes." - Randleman
Kevin Randleman was interviewed and said he was unhealthy last time but prepared this time. Bas and Stephen predicted Randleman would win easy tonight.

Kevin Randleman vs Kenichi Yamamoto

"Randleman has said about fighting in Mixed Marial Arts, and I'll quote him - This is easy." - Quadros

"If Yamamoto tried to steal the round from Randleman then Randleman Kleptomaniac took the round back from him." - Quadros

The first round was all Randleman riding Yamamoto and going for a keylock. He did absolutely no ground shots when he should have but was in control. Yamamoto didn't take too much abuse though despite being in guard the whole time.

"There's Yoji Anjoh from the old UWF days." - Quadros
"He had a loss to Bas..some obscure fighter from Holland." - Quadros | "But Randleman is not looking past Yamamoto. As a matter of fact, he's looking through him." - Quadros
"These are shots that are gonna hurt later on." - Bas
Kevin Randleman took the second round just as easy as the first, holding down Yamamoto the whole time and having his way.

"And he looks fresh. Oh my God." - Quadros

"He could fake something and do something illegal...but I don't think that's gonna happen." - Bas on how Yamamoto can win
The finish..ouch.
Kevin Randleman won by ref stoppage after some nasty high knees. This was all Randleman. Yamamoto had no hope and is lucky he didn't get owned sooner.

Maurilo "Ninja" Rua on Ricardo Arona:

Ninja said he wanted Paulo Filho next:

Bas and Stephen said it should be a really good fight. They said Rua was more active but Arona was stronger. Stephen said Ninja might be able to pull it out.

"Real gentlemen have a lot of women, man." - Arona
Maurilo "Ninja" Rua vs Ricardo Arona

"They wasted no time getting acquainted, folks." -Quadros

This was a pretty even first round and the late leglock may have won it for Arona. Tons of action here and time flew by.

Good round with lots of activity on the ground. I'd go with Arona on this one due to his guillotine.

The 3rd round had a trade of takedowns with Arona holding down Rua near the end. Bas and Quad were first going with a draw but then gave it to Arona by a nod.

Ricardo Arona won by unanimous decision with all three judges giving him the nod. I can't really argue as I had Arona win all three rounds, but it was pretty even. I think these two could have done another 3 rounds and probably needed to so that it would be more decisive.

Heath Herring was interviewed and showed off his haircut for the night:

Quad said he's picking Heath by decision and Bas agreed.

Heath Herring vs Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko got the win with a stoppage here due to cuts after the first round. Fedor annihilated Heath and looked like a human jackhammer. His punches were just nasty and he had a counter for everything Heath threw at him. He really looked like the terminator here and honestly, I would have quit if I were Heath. Heath didn't quit though and did a little in near the end, but he was lucky they didn't stop it sooner. Watch out for that Fedor guys, I think he's gonna be a good one ;)

Bas and Quadros predicted Nog would beat Schilt by submission in one round.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Semmy Schilt
Now that's what I call a big screen.

"The jab from Semmy Schilt is not a jab. It's a power shot from hell." - Bas

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira beat Semmy Schilt at 6:36 with a triangle choke in the first round. Everyone saw it coming and it happened. Semmy did do good here but he was useless and screwed on the ground. He also didn't really do anything with the short time he had standing leading to an easy loss.

Wanderlei Silva vs Hiromitsu Kanehara

Wanderlei Silva beat Hiromitsu Kanehara in 3:40 in the 1st with a soccer kick and a stomp. The corner then stopped it. Silva demolished Kanehara and almost put his foot through his head. This was an annihilation and you could even tell Kanehara knew he had no chance. Excellent show from Silva here.

"I'm gonna break his arm." - Frye on Yoshida
Both Quad and Bas predicted a Don Frye KO.

Don Frye vs Hidehiko Yoshida

Hidehiko Yoshida beat Don Frye via armbar at 5:32 in the 1st. Frye didn't really offer much here. Yoshida was in control and kept going for submissions until he got it. Yoshida worked a gi choke and finally got the win with an armbar. Great showing for Yoshida.

Bas and Quad didn't know Sak's opponent and assumed it would be an easy win.

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Gilles Arsene

Sakuraba won by armbar here in the 3rd. I skipped ahead. He was basically playing with him until he got the armbar and Arsene was doing absolutely nothing. Sakuraba wasn't even trying to win here and I don't know why he wasted everyone's time. This made him look bad as this guy would have been finished by most fighters in under a minute. Pathetic.

Nobuhiko Takada vs Kiyoshi Tamura

"In nature, it's a known fact that all men have kryptonite below the belly button. And Tamura, accidentally, activated that kryptonite." - Quadros on Tamura's low blow

The first round was very odd. Tamura worked over Takada's leg hard. Then Tamura accidently nut shotted him with a kick. Then they went to the ground and...did...NOTHING. They had a staring contest for the most part and even the announcers started to question the legitimacy of it.

Tamura got the win in the second with a right hook. Various theories are tossed around on this one, but honestly, I think if I spend more than a second thinking about it, I'll go nuts. This was part work, part shoot and all weird.

Overall thoughts: Really good show marred by two bad "semi-exhibtions" with Sakuraba/Arsene and Takada/Tamura. Skip those two and enjoy the rest of the show, because the rest was very solid. So many guys looked awesome here and this show made you want more. Fedor reminded me of why he was considered the man at one point, Yoshida looked great, Silva was a monster and Randleman looked like an alien. The spectacle of the show was also very good and I think even non-MMA fans can get into this.