Monday, December 9, 2013

WWF 8/10/1992 - IC Title - Bret Hart vs Kamala

WWF 8/10/1992 - IC Title - Bret Hart vs Kamala

"I heard that's an exact replica of his grandfather's face." - Sean Mooney on Kamala's mask

"Sometimes he needs that to wake up." - Lord Alfred Hayes on Kim Chee slapping Kamala backstage

Bret Hart beat Kamala by DQ after Kim Chee jumped in. Not a classic but an entertaining and decent match. Hart worked the arm early and Kamala countered with chops and a bear hug. Hart then made his comeback and nailed some great corner punches on Kamala. He was in the process of the sharpshooter when Kim Chee jumped in. Bret was pretty good here and they worked some comedy in with Hart putting on Kim Chee's hat and stomping Kamala's feet. Good stuff here.

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