Tuesday, December 17, 2013

World of Sport - Terry Rudge vs Tom Tyrone

World of Sport - Terry Rudge vs Tom Tyrone

Terry Rudge takes the first fall with a nasty standing double armbar.

Terry Rudge beat Tom Tyrone 1 fall to nil, due to time limit expiration. Good match here. Rudge worked Tyrone's arm like a mechanic and they focused mostly on that, with some some stiff shots in between. They weren't pretty stiff shots like you see in the indies but they were hard European uppercuts. They both took some hard potatoes here and Tyrone really got his arm worked over bad. He had to have hurt from it. Rudge was pretty good here, basically being a Fit Finlay-like ruthless brawler while Tyrone wasn't the best face. Rating:***1/2

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