Saturday, December 7, 2013

WCW Saturday Night 2/12/2000 - Norman Smiley vs Shark Boy

WCW Saturday Night 2/12/2000 - Norman Smiley vs Shark Boy

"I've never seen Shark Boy before." - Bobby Heenan

"Every time I've seen him, he's been alone in a corner." - Scott Hudson | "Why's that? Because he's a loan shark." - Bobby Heenan | "Can we edit that out?" - Hudson

"The Hardcore Wiggler" - Hudson on Smiley
"Call the taxidermy, we're about to mount a fish." - Heenan
"Today Shark Boy, tomorrow Mecro-Man." - Heenan

"Remember folks, fish are like relatives. After two days, they stink." - Bobby Heenan
Norman Smiley beat Shark Boy with a Chickenwing. This was pretty much perfect. Really fun match with both guys being entertaining and doing a bit of lucha and flying in the process. Bobby Heenan was hilarious here and really added to the match. 10 million stars for this. I think the only way this could have possibly been more fun is if La Parka was added to the mix. I hope La Parka vs Shark Boy happened somewhere. Rating:***


  1. Shark Boy vs La Parka never happened although they probably were in the same gauntlet matches together in TNA. If I remember the Victory Road match which was an average match at best, Parka was eliminated before Shark Boy entered. :(

    1. A shame, but at least it is still technically possible somewhere down the line. I would also love to see La Parka vs Jerry Lawler. I could see that being 10 kinds of awesome.

  2. The Heenan quotes are awesome. hahaha