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USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/30/1993 Review

USWA Memphis Wrestling TV 1/30/1993  Review

Last week's show is here:

I did a podcast on this show here:

Big news. There is a new Moondog, Moondog Splat.

"I told you we're the baddest tag team in the world today. Can't nobody come close to us, anytime." - One of the Bruise Brothers
The Bruise Brothers vs TD Steel and Johnny Jett
"They're the biggest, they're the toughest, they're the meanest. They won't be beat by anyone at anytime and that includes you, Dave Brown." - Mike Samples

"They do what they want, when they want. These two are giants and nobody comes close to them." - Mike Samples
"They're the new USWA tag team champions and they're just slaughtering TD Steel and Johnny Jett." - Maclin
The Bruise Brothers won by referee stoppage and may and probably should have been DQ'd after. So, what I'm saying is I'm not sure what the outcome was. The BB's were destroying Steel and were doing shoulder breakers on him for minutes and attacking the arm. Samples then started pushing the ref around and they got into it.
Ref Paul Neighbors attacked Samples and the BB's beat him up, with the faces coming out to stop things.

"Bubba Johnson, you can't be protected by Eddie Marlin much longer because I am the real power, Bubba Johnson, and I'm going to take you down." - Prentice
"Moondogs, we hear you want another shot of us. It don't matter who you are. Bring your cousin, your aunt, your uncle, it don't matter. Just call 'em a Moondog and come and see us and come after these belts again boys." - Harris Brothers

"Though I walk through the shadow of death, I fear no evil because walking beside me are Mr. Deadly and Mr. Unpredictable, evil incarcerated, The Bruise Brothers." - Samples
We went back to the studio.

"Mike Samples, I told you time and time again, you're not gonna be putting your hands on any USWA official." - Eddie Marlin | "I did." - Samples | "Well, you're gonna be fined $1,000 dollars." - Marlin
"The referee's the one who initiated that. He's the one that should pay, not me." - Samples
"If I'm fined $1,000 dollars, he's gotta pay." - Samples | "The referee jumped on you, he's gonna pay the $1,000 dollars, but you're gonna pay too." - Marlin
"I don't have $1,000 dollars. I don't make the kind of money these managers and wrestlers make." - Referee Paul Neighbors | "You know the rules. You should know the rules better than anyone in the professional wrestlimg, you're a referee." - Marlin

Samples then brought up that he used to be able to look over the books of the USWA and didn't see any notices on where the fine money was going. He said it goes right to Marlin's pockets and Marlin had no response:
"I got a deal for you, you little Mickey Mouse punk...Here's my deal. Let's gamble. I'll go double or nothing. I'll pay his fine for him if he can beat me in the ring." - Samples
"You can't wrestle, you're suspended." - Marlin | "Okay, fine. I can't wrestler. But I can box. Nothing says I can't box." - Samples
Samples challenged Neighbors to a boxing match where he will pay the $2,000 in fines if he loses. He said he would be cleared of the fines if he wins.
"I'll give you $2,000 cash. You can spend it on Bubba Johnson or whoever you wanna spend it on." - Samples to Marlin
They had The Punisher and Mr. Clyde vs The Moondgs scheduled, but The Bruise Brothers wanted The Moondogs now.
"Oh my, would you look at that new Moondog? That is Moondog Splat." - Brown | "Weeeeee-doggg." - Maclin | "He's huge fans. There's sometimes when television doesn't tell the whole tale when it comes to the size of a wrestler and this is one of those times." - Brown

"Richard Lee and Mike Samples squaring off here." - Brown
 Samples and the BB's walked off without laying a finger on anyone.

The Moondogs vs Mr. Clyde and The Punisher

 The Moondogs won by DQ when The Bruise Bros and crew jumped in. The jobbers even got in on it until Splat made his comeback and cleared everyone out.
Love Bert's selling and running for cover
"Mike Samples, Bert Prentice, what you did is unleash the Moondog wrath. My dogs are back. We're bigger, we're badder than we've ever been brother." - Richard Lee
"We're comin' for whats ours. It's the tag team championship belts and we're gonna leave with them come hell or high water." - Richard Lee

Dave Brown showed a clip of Doink the Clown and even had to make a face to the ridiculousness of it. They then showed a video on Brian Christopher.

"This is your favorite part because you get to hear me talk." - Brian | "I had to fire Mike Miller because he couldn't get the job done." - Brian
"When we get through with you, King, and you sissy boy, it's gonna be all she wrote." - Brian
"You wanna talk about clowns? Well that's all you and Doink and all your associates are." - JJ | "You and the WWF, bring em all down, we're gonna show you what type of circus is really gonna be happening." - JJ
"Hey, Mike Samples. You notice a cast on my arm? I told you, brother, my arm was gonna heal." - Richard Lee
"Is this a face that looks familar to you?" - Lee to Mike Samples
"You wanna push someone around? Push Splat around. I named him Splat because that's the last sound you're ever gonna hear." - Lee
"Thanks to the open door policy of the USWA, there's a new team coming around here. PG-13. Let's take a look at them." - Brown
PG-13 did a rap video to Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty by Nature and did their own lyrics. They did a decent job too.
"They are the new most exciting tag team. Fans are gonna be lined up to buy tickets to see them." - Prentice | "But more importantly, I am the happiest man on the planet." - Prentice
"I'm gonna be able to show the world who Bubba Johnson really is, because the match is not over until one person has their clothes ripped off their body." - Bert Prentice on the upcoming street fight with Miss Texas
Miss Texas came down to straight out Bert:
"Listen, when I get you in the ring, I'm gonna rip all your clothes off, cuz I'm not too sure about you myself." - Miss Texas | "Oh, you're not? You sure about this?" - Prentice

Eddie Marlin cleared Texas off of Bert.

Brian Christopher vs Danny Davis

Danny Davis won by DQ when Bert Prentice interfered. Easily the best match of the month so far. The crowd was hot, Brian bumped around and Danny was a fine babyface. I don't even think I was surprised by the finish because I've just come to accept that if it's a decent looking match, something wonky will happen. Good stuff though until the finish.

That was it.

Overall thoughts:
Good show. Moondog Splat's debut was good, Samples was very good, the Prentice/Texas segment was pretty brash and the main event was fine until the finish.

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