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USWA Memphis TV 1/2/1993 Review

USWA Memphis TV 1/2/1993 Review

I did a podcast on this show here:

This is JIP.
"Bill has decided to make a career change. He has accepted an executive position with the WCW and as a result, he has decided he wants to say farewell in style and has announced a farewell tour." - Dave Brown on Bill Dundee signing with WCW
They showed a video on him and Bill came out.
"I went to Eddie Marlin and said, "book me everywhere this week USWA's gonna go cause I wanna say goodbye." - Bill Dundee
Mean Mike Miller vs Bill Dundee

"Look at Mike Miller's face. He's got bandages under the eye and all over the place. He's really messed up." - Dave Brown

Mike Samples and Master of Terror then ran in and got the DQ win for Dundee. The match wasn't that bad. Miller got tons of shots in when usually he would just get squashed bad. Dave Brown went on about all of Miller's cuts and bruises during this.

The Master of Terror hit two piledriver's on Dundee on the outside but the camera's cut away each time during the hit. No idea why here as it's Memphis and it's not that bad.

There was a 3 on 1 until Danny Davis and Jerry Lawler made the save.

They had a small brawl with Dundee taking the third piledriver (as shown above) and that ended it as Dundee was laid out.

Lawler came out.

"Hopefully 1993 will be a great year for wrestling in general." - Jerry Lawler | "Unfortunately, the competition the last few years has not been always between the wrestlers. There's been more competition from the companies themselves - The WWF, WCW, The USWA.and some of the other smaller organizations have been basically forced out of business by these bigger groups. And the fans are the ones that suffer when this type of thing takes place." - Jerry Lawler
"I think they looked around the country and simply said, who is the most exciting guy we see on the television around the world and it's The King." - Jerry Lawler
Lawler explained being in the WWF and said he saw former Memphis stars in the WWF right now - Macho Man and Jimmy Hart.

"We had this little battle royal and in my opinion, Mike Samples cost me $10,000. Now when somebody costs me $10,000, I don't like it and I don't take it lightly." - Lawler

We saw some clips of what happened with a cameo from The Christmas Creature.

Kind of a weird promo with King complaining about Samples using a weapon when it was a weapons battle royale with King bringing in a trash can. Mike Miller then nailed Lawler with a chair.
They brawled and people came in to stop it.

Jeff Jarrett was interviewed about an upcoming show and they did some line-ups.
Dave said Miller got his face messed up from Miller showing up at a party. Lawler was asked to get him quiet and they got into it supposedly.

Danny Davis was interviewed.
"I consider him my blood kin." - Davis on Dundee

"You are not going to get away with what you did to Bill Dundee. Both of you will be carried out and that's a promise from me." - Danny Davis
Davis said he asked for both Master's of Terror in matches with one of them being early and one being late on a future show.

Mr. Paradise vs Jerry Lawler

Lawler won quick by DQ when Mike Miller ran in. It was a squash and the only real highlight as Mr. Paradise totally horse vaulting himself Olympic style into a Lawler backdrop.

More fighting went on until they got split up.

Miller tried to explain what happened to him and got big heat. So much that he was barely audible.
"When I get ready to go some place, and I'm ready to leave, I'LL LEAVE." - Mike Miller
Miller explained his side of the incident.
"I was talking to this lady friend. I felt someone spin me around and WHAM. That's all I remember." - Mike Miller | "I brought 1993 in flat on my back." - Mike Miller | "You mess with me, you mess with the wrong person. I may not be in the Top 10, I may not be one of the gods in America...Let me tell you something boy, you did it to the wrong person. My vengeance is coming to you anytime I see you." - Mike Miller

"I'm gonna get you back Lawler." - Miller
"You see this face? This is looking good compared to what you're gonna be looking like when I get through with you, baby." - Miller
Miller actually cut a really good promo here. Okay, it wasn't an all-time classic and he's clearly not on Lawler's level, but this was a decent performance and rather believable. I think it's because I can easily buy Mike Miller as a drunk redneck biker tough guy.

They showed the finish of a match from the Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett feud.
Jarrett won by grabbing the tights after a good looking match with cheating and near falls. Apparently, this was for Zeke Rivers(Brian's manager) hair.

Jeff Jarrett vs The Bounty Hunter

Clearly, the put out all the stops for The Bounty Hunter's wardrobe.
Jeff Jarrett beat The Bounty Hunter in a quick and fast paced squash. There wasn't anything much but punches until the jumping DDT finish from Jeff.

Brian Christopher and Zeke Rivers came out to talk.
"Jeff Jarrett, I got a deal for you." - Brian Christopher
Jeff said he wouldn't put his Southern Heavyweight Title on the line until Brian puts his hair on the line.
"Jeff Jarrett, don't you dare even laugh, boy." - Brian
He brought out Mr. Clyde, a jobber.
"Jeff Jarrett, I got the deal of a lifetime. You put that Southern Heavyweight Title on the line, I'll put Clyde's hair on the line." - Brian
"I don't care about Zeke's hair and I don't care about Clyde's hair. Unless your hair is on the line, don't even talk to me, Brian." - JJ
Brian then offered Clyde's hair plus $1,000. JJ said no.
"I'll make a better deal, Clyde's hair on the line and $2,000." - Brian
JJ again said no.

They went to a break as Brian flipped out.
We came back with Brian finally agreeing to put his hair on the line, the week after next. He said he'd put Clyde's hair on the line and $2,000 this week and if he beats Clyde, Brian would put his hair on the line. JJ finally agreed.
"Jeff Jarrett, you can't beat me three times in a row. You can't shave my head yet alone Clyde's head, boy." - Brian
Eddie Marlin came out and confirmed it.
"Jeff Jarrett, you can't beat me, you're mine!" - Brian
Dave went over this week's card and Lawler and Marlin came out. The picture quality got bad here.
"I don't go around making an ass of myself like you Mike Miller, when you were drunk." - Lawler
Lawler accused Mike Miller of being super drunk at the party and that the party happened on January 1st. Lawler went on a small rant about not drinking(even got in a Coke reference) and accused Miller of being a drunk. Lawler said he was asked to shut Miller up and asked him nicely.
"If you're ever out there celebrating too hard, don't ever be like Mike Miller and try to show how tough you are. Your actions might be a little bit impaired like Mike Miller's was. I'm sure he thought he was fighting a heck of a fight, but you weren't." - Lawler
"I'll show you punk that you can't beat me. I'll show you why you ain't in the Top 10 and I'll show you, drunk or sober, you aren't half the man that the King is because I'm gonna make your face look twice as bad as it is now." - Lawler
Lawler was pretty good here showing nice fire and showing why this feud was important. I liked hearing both sides of the incident at the party and he had some good lines.

Leslie Bellinger and Mike Samples came out. No, I don't know or remember anything about Bellinger.
"It's not a mixed tag. It's a straight tag. It could be man vs woman, in this case it's a beautiful woman vs an old man and a former man." - Mike Samples. | "He promised me that he's gonna get her in the ring and pull off every stench of clothes off that slimy little body of hers and show the whole world that that's not Miss Texas, that's Bubba Johnson as he promised." - Mike Samples.
Mike said Bert Prentice wouldn't be here today. He talked about an upcoming mixed match. There was a storyline here building for weeks with Bert Prentice accusing Miss Texas aka Jacqueline(from WWE) of being a man who had a sex change named Bubba Johnson.
"Eddie Marlin, I'm gonna whip you like a dog. When I'm finished with you, you're gonna be back sitting on the front porch, drinking gallons of Geritol." - Leslie Bellinger
"I hope they're gonna turn on the air conditions in this building today because Jerry Lawler's been burning enough hot air to melt an ice burg." - Mike Samples
Mike Samples talked about his boxing background to hype up his boxing match with Lawler this week.

The Harris Brothers (managed by Mike Samples) vs Mountain Man Miller and Ben Jordan

The Brothers won quick with a powerbomb on Jordan. They continued it after.
"Uh oh, how's your head there, pal?" - Samples to Miller

The Moondogs came out to put a stop to the beating.

The Moondogs cleared out the Harris Brothers and Richard Lee got on the mic.

"You stole our belts. We're getting them back come hell or high water." - Richard Lee on Samples and The Harris Bros.

The crowd was super hot for this as The Moondogs were the most over act at the time in the USWA. It was hard to hear what Lee said but he talked about how Samples was all talks and his dogs were gonna destroy The Harris Brothers. The Dogs were going nuts, barking up a storm and hitting things with chairs. The Moondogs are my favorite tag team along with Demolition and this is the first or second time I've gotten to cover them here.

Eddie Marlin was interviewed.
"I learned as I was growing up to not hit a lady, but Leslie Bellinger, you have not shown to conduct yourself as a lady." - Marlin
"I hope you took a good look at Zeke Rivers because I'll pull everyone one of those red hairs out and your head will look like this. Then I'll turn you over my knee and spank you like your mother and father should have done years ago." - Eddie Marlin
The Masters of Terror got in the ring and Dundee/Davis nailed them.

Mike Samples got involved and Dundee wore a neck brace but otherwise seemed magically recovered from the three piledrivers on the floor. I thought one on the floor was enough but apparently the booker didn't as three were hit and Dundee made an appearance later.

They had a big brawl to close the show with Eddie Marlin putting a stop to things.

Overall thoughts: I thought this was a pretty good show overall. I enjoyed the Lawler vs Miller feud and The Moondogs were crazy and exciting like always. Miller really stepped it up and got great heat and Lawler did good too. I hated Dundee blowing off the three piledrivers though and they could have used a match of at least a few minutes here. I would recommend this overall.

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