Friday, November 29, 2013

WWF Boston Garden 4/26/1986 - Ted Arcidi vs Big John Studd

WWF Boston Garden 4/26/1986 - $15,000 for Arcidi if he slams Studd - Ted Arcidi vs Big John Studd

I always want to spell Studd as Stuff. Big John Stuff has a decent ring to it, right?

"Come on up here Arcidi, let's see who's strong now." - Studd
This one has a 45 minute time limit on it. That's a scary thought.

"He was in Vienna, Austria a little a while ago and wrestled a German champion. He absolutely destroyed him." - Lord Alfred Hayes  | "He did, he'll never be asked to come there again." - Gorilla Monsoon

They went to a double countout here after 8 minutes of an awful match. The first half of the match consisted of a test of strength and the second half was all about clubbing forearms to the chest. Horrible match here with no exciting points at all.


  1. 2 Studd matches in less then a week? You're a warrior.

    1. I hear ya man. It's not for the sane, that's for sure.