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CWA Memphis TV 7/7/1984 Review

CWA Memphis TV 7/7/1984 Review

No, I'm not dead. It's been a stress-free couple of weeks though without wrestling. I'm not going back to the way I used to do things as I just don't have the time or care to make that happen, but when I want to watch something and review it, it'll be here.

The New Fabulous Ones - Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich vs Keith Robertson and The Nightmare

Okay, so the New Fabulous Ones were CWA's attempt to rehash the Fabulous Ones after they left. It was a huge failure as almost all "new" anythings are but they were rather over with the women and at least they picked some decent wrestlers for it.
Eddie Gilbert beat Keith Robertson at 5:26 with a Thesz Press. This was very boring and went too long. Nothing really going on here besides some punches and some headlocks.
"Excellent! Excellent teamwork with Rich and Gilbert." - Lance Russell

"I hope Hickerson and The Spoiler realize the Fabulous Ones are back. We're not in 'Frisco, we're not in Salt Lake City, we're in Louisville, the Louisville Gardens." - Stan Lane
"We're comin' back one more time and we'd like nothin better than to leave with those straps around our waists." - Stan Lane
Apparently they had just returned with Lawler re-introducing them. Lawler was next up for a promo.

"I'm gonna put this up so many times on your head that you're gonna have to have a calculator to figure it out. I'm gonna hit you so many times with my right hand, you're gonna beg me to use my left." - Jerry Lawler to Rick Rude
"I'm comin' to beat your brains out Rude and I'm gonna do it brother." - Jerry Lawler
The Spoiler, Jim Neidhart, Rick Rude and Phil Hickerson vs David Johnson, Pat Hutchinson, Mike Mashburn and Jeff Riggs
"I'll tell ya, Dave, we don't kid the troops, with all due respect, this is one sided. It would take the 3rd Army to even up a match with Spoiler, Hickerson, Neidhart and Rude. This has the makings of an unfortunate slaughter right away." - Lance Russell

"He got up feeling nasty...if he ever went to bed." - Russell on Phil Hickerson | "David Johnson's got his hand out to tag. I wouldn't want in with any of those guys if they were laying down on the mat." - Lance Russell
Hickerson got the win on Davidson with a wind-up punch at 4:28. This was an okay squash. It was mostly slam-tag out- repeat but the heels looked like a bunch of guys you wouldn't want to mess with.

The New Hollywood Blondes - Ken Timbs and Dusty Woods vs Ken Raper and Tony Torres

"We got a little pep rally before the bell." - Lance Russell

The New Hollywood Blondes got the win with a double DDT on Ken Raper at 4:26. This was okay. The Blondes are basically doing a Buddy Landell or Memphis Ric Flair gimmick here and they were actually entertaining. Obviously they were very low rent but this gimmick usually works pretty good in the Memphis environment since you know, everything there is low rent. They did some nice bumps and were doing Flair's schtick. They said this was the Blondes' first appearance on Championship Wrestling.

We got some clips of POFFOMANIA~! set to AC/DC's TNT.

Really cool video. Macho Man with a snake is pretty much as badass as it gets and they even made Lanny Poffo look somewhat decent.

Lance announced that King Kong Bundy would be making his debut next Tuesday night against The New Generation, who ended up being wrestlecrap legends.
'Mach throws confetti

"I gave him a PILEDRIVER." - Randy Savage talking about his infamous table piledriver on Ricky Morton

"I WANT YA TO SHOW THE TAPE, CUZ I'M REAL REAL HAPPY. I fantasize about it." - Macho Man Randy Savage
We got some clips of Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo vs The Rock N Roll Express
The RnR's won by DQ after Angelo Poffo pulled the top rope down and sent Gibson flying outside. The piledriver was pretty brutal at the time and was one of the bigger spots that had occurred.
"Rock and roll is a satanic cult. More vile than the putrid slime that flows through the gates of hell." - Lanny Poffo
"This is for Ricky Morton - the man that lays in the hospital right now." - Macho Man | "Tell him he owes me $50 for t-shirt." - Macho Man
Jobbers got in the ring and Mach said he was going to beat them up.

Lanny Poffo and Randy Savage vs Jim Jamison and John King
"If they were your two sons, wouldn't you be proud?" - Angelo Poffo to Lance Russell

Lanny got the win with a moonsault off the top. The camera's decided not to show that. Thanks. This was all squash and had a so-so bit of mayhem to it but was mostly Lanny just showing off.
"POFFOMANIA." - Randy Savage

"Rock N Roll's in the hospital. They're gonna die man. They're not coming back." - Randy Savage | "I'm taking the t-shirt back." - Savage
Mr. Ito vs Tommy Rich
Rich was substituting for Dutch Mantell, who they said had car trouble.

"There's 10,000 comedians out of work and you want to be one." - Jimmy Hart to Dave Brown

"I love a good fight. Hahaha. Look at Tommy Rich now baby, look at him." - Jimmy Hart
Tommy Rich won by DQ when The First Family jumped in. Ito threw salt early and pounded on Rich until he made his comeback.

Eddie Gilbert came out to clear out the heels.

"Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo, bring your dad with you cuz the three of you are going down." - Ricky Morton on an upcoming Poffomania vs RnR's match

Overall thoughts: Not a great or must see show but as always, Randy Savage was pretty awesome and The Blondes weren't bad.

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