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Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 9 Results and Review

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 9 Results and Review

Ms2e    Nionoumi (2-2)  vs J12w    Takanoyama (3-5)
Tak did a side step with an arm grab combo and put Nio out easy. Not really an impressive win in some aspects as Nio is only an Ms.

J4e     Osunaarashi (7-1)  vs   J9w     Daikiho (4-4)
Both guys stalled as neither gave up their belt grip. Eventually, Dai starting moving Osuna around and was able to rush him to push him out.

M12e    Tenkaiho (4-4)  vs M11w    Tochinowaka (4-4)
Toch did an odd move of grabbing Ten and jumping to gain some ground. In the process, he was standing straight up, giving Ten the time he needed to get in position for a rush to push him out, which he got. Bad loss for Toch here as he should have won this.

M13e    Endo (5-3) vs  M8w     Yoshikaze (6-2)
Tons of slipping here but Endo was able to get under Yoshi and threw him when he closed in.

O1e     Kisenosato (7-1) vs M3w     Chiyotairyu (2-6)
Kisen got the lucky end of the Ozeki stick as he gets Chiyotairyu. Then again, maybe he didn't as Chiyo got the upset win! He was aggressive and threw tons of chest thrusts and Kisen had nothing in return to offer. Kisen kept getting backed up and went out. Terrible loss for Kisen as he basically just gave this basho to Hakuho.
O2e     Kotoshogiku (5-3) vs   O1w     Kakuryu (6-2)
 Koto had the better grip from the start and had Kak in trouble the whole match. Kak hung in there for a bit but never had the advantage and was lifted out.
S1e     Myogiryu (4-4) vs   Y1w     Harumafuji (6-2)
Haruma rushed here and slapped Myo silly multiple times to take the win. Myo mostly took a beating here.
Y1e     Hakuho (8-0) vs  M4e     Toyohibiki (4-4)
Toyo slipped on the tachi-ai to take an easy loss.

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