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Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 7 Review

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 7 Review

I'm still having problems watching anything off youtube, so I can't do screens. The screen is black, white and green.

J12w    Takanoyama (2-4) vs  J5w     Asasekiryu (4-2)
Tak is 5-2 against Asa. Tak got blitzed and he couldn't keep Asa up. He went for the overhead throw and went out fast. These aren't good times at the Takanoyama house.

J4e     Osunaarashi (5-1)   vs     J7w     Homarefuji (3-3)
Homare slipped and kept going forward, leading to an easy Osuna slap down win. Osuna is 2 away from his kachikoshi and is a lock at this point.

M13e    Endo (4-2)   vs    M16e    Asahisho (3-3)
Good win by Endo here. Asa rushed him, so he circled and Asa overcharged, flopping down.

M14w    Jokoryu (3-3)    vs    M11w    Tochinowaka (3-3)
This is their first meeting.  Toch was too high up here and Jo got under him easy for an underarm throw and the win.

M2e     Okinoumi (2-4)  vs     O1w     Kakuryu (5-1)
They stalled in a boring match until Kak turned Oki around near the edge and possibly got him out. It was hard to tell from the camera angle but it looks like there was a very small chance Oki went out 2nd. Too hard to tell though.

BONUS - Shohozan vs Goeido
Sho came at Go very hard, lighting him up with tons of thrusts. It was too much and put Go out in a hurry.
O1e     Kisenosato (5-1)   vs    S1e     Myogiryu (3-3)
Kisen held up strong on the Tachi-ai and pushed off of Myo's side for the easy win.
K1w     Takayasu (1-5)   vs    O2w     Kotooshu (4-2)
Kotooshu is injured and out of the tournament, so Taka gets the win. Makes no difference to be honest. Koto wasn't going to win anything anyway. In some ways it's for the better as it will give some Juryo guys a shot at the big time.
O2e     Kotoshogiku (5-1)   vs     K1e     Tochiozan (2-4) 
Toch is 10-9 all time against Koto. Tochi pulled the upset here! He rushed Koto and Koto tried to hold him steady but he just kept pushing back and Koto went out.
M4e     Toyohibiki (4-2)   vs   Y1w     Harumafuji (4-2)
Haruma went around Toyo and got his back for the very easy win.
Y1e     Hakuho (6-0)    vs       M3w     Chiyotairyu (2-4)
 Hakuho won easy here. Chiyo slipped off the tachi ai and put himself down in a belly flop.

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Overall thoughts: Again, this is going to be an easy win for Hakuho. I honestly think he has this clinched as we sure as heck know Kisenosato and Kakuryu are going to drop another one and it is highly unlikely Hakuho does the same at this point. Osunaarashi is looking really good and Endo is tied for 5th right now in the top division. Takanoyama is in deep trouble already and is almost a Makushita lock at this point. Hopefully, youtube will be working properly tommorow!

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