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Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 4

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 4

J12w    Takanoyama (2-1) vs  J11w    Terunofuji (3-0)
Tak went for a footsweep from the start, missed and got Teru behind him. Teru put him out easy after that. Hey, it almost worked Tak. Almost.
J4e     Osunaarashi (2-1) vs    J8e     Satoyama (2-1)
They had to go twice due to a tie and Sato went straight into a low and useless defensive position. Osuna put him out in a long and boring match.

M13e    Endo (2-1)  vs   M16w    Tamawashi (3-0)
Endo was pure class here. He got real low as Tama pushed him hard from above. He held on though and pushed Tama right back from under and out.

M11w    Tochinowaka (2-1) vs  M8w     Yoshikaze (3-0)
Toch rushed in, got caught and went down fast.

O2e     Kotoshogiku (3-0) vs     S1w     Goeido (2-1)
Big upset win for Goeido that may prove useful down the road. He got Koto off balance and Koto had to back up and get pushed out.
K1e     Tochiozan (0-3)  vs    O1w     Kakuryu (3-0)
Big upset win for Tochi here. He got under Kaku and just had a really good angle to push off of and put Kaku out quick. Bad loss for Kaku because he was 3-0 and with Haruma and Kisen taking a loss, he might have been a favorite.
O1e     Kisenosato (2-1)  vs   M1w     Ikioi (0-3)
Good loss here by Ikoi. He actually almost went over Kisen's head and took him down that way. Kisen, however, slipped out and took the win here.

S1e     Myogiryu (2-1) vs  O2w     Kotooshu (3-0)

Y1e     Hakuho (3-0)   vs    M2e     Okinoumi (2-1)
Oki almost had this. He turned Hakuho around which is quite weird and almost had him near the end. Unfortunately, Hakuho turned him back around properly and pushed him out. This was a good loss atleast.

M2w     Aoiyama (0-3)  vs   Y1w     Harumafuji (2-1)
Oh boy. When you're getting schooled by Aoiyama, something is wrong. Haruma went in and went for the side throw and Aoiyama smartly just pushed him off. Talk about a totally embarrassing loss for Harumafuji. I fear for this guy after this tournament is said and done.

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Thoughts: Hakuho has this wrapped up here as 3 of the Ozeki are in trouble and Harumafuji is doing awful. Harumafuji really has to go on a run right now as the pressure is going to keep mounting. Elsewhere, Endo hung on for a good win and Kakuryu and Kotoshogiku both took semi-crucial losses early.

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