Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 14

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 14

Takanoyama vs Yoshiazuma
Tak had to run away early after getting caught and was finished from there to secure his demotion to makushita. A shame but there's a reason there aren't a lot of skinny sumo wrestlers around.

Osunaarashi vs Kitaharima
Osuna was backed against the edge and in big problem but Kita overcharged and fell first to give Osuna the win.

Tochinowaka vs Sadanofuji
Toch backed up Sadano without any problems and took an easy win here.

Shohozan vs Endo
Endo got injured yesterday and had to leave the tournament. Good news for Sho though as he's now 7-7 going into the last day.

Kotoshogiku vs Aminishiki
Koto had the advantage from the start and threw down Ami with no problem, except for the ref he almost nailed.

Kakuryu vs Harumafuji
Harumafuji rushed Kakuryu, turned around and took him out for an easy win.

Hakuho vs Kisenosato
Fun match here with both guys struggling for power and the better angle until Hakuho did a pull down from behind Kisen's had to send him belly flopping down. The judges thought he had pulled hair and almost reversed the decision, but didn't. Hakuho wins his 27th sumo basho, and is 5 behind the all time record of Taiho's 32. Hak even did a small celebration here which is unusual.

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Overall thoughts: Sad to see Tak drop down but it was coming. He's been resorting to trickery lately and not really the technique that he has. No surprise to see Hakuho win the basho. He's one of the best ever and is in a different class from his cohorts. Elsewhere, Osunaarashi is almost guaranteed to go to Makuuchi where he may get his butt handed to him. Hopefully not though. Also, Shohozan fights to get his KK at the final day tomorrow.

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