Friday, September 27, 2013

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 13

Sumo September Aki Basho 2013 Day 13

Takanoyama vs Oiwato
Quick match here with Tak keeping it moving until he eventually DDT'd Oiwato on the dohyo to put him down.

Osunaaarashi vs Kagamio
Osuna slapped him behind the head and put him down easy.

Tochinowaka vs Tokitenku
Toki tried to back peddle and work from the side and it worked against him as he went out.

Shohozan vs Okinoumi
Even match for the most part here until Oki started to get an advatange and fell on Sho to put him out.

Tochiozan vs Endo
Endo was at a bad angle and Tochi kept pushing on him. Endo was just trying to stay alive and didn't as he got put down.

Goeido vs Kisenosato
Go kept coming at Kisen and Kisen had nothing to give him in return. Kisen couldn't back up because he was on the edge and he couldn't do anything except go out. Big win for Goeido who is solidifying himself in this tournament and looking like a force. Bad loss for Kisenosato here. Again, he came really close and luck was on his side but he blew it on a lesser opponent instead of against a bigger opponent.

Kotoshogiku vs Harumafuji
This was a disaster fro Harumafuji. Koto had a good game plan and grabbed him quick. He held onto him leaving Haruma little room to move and attack and he ended up over powering him and putting him out. Good sumo by Kotoshogiku.

Hakuho vs Kakuryu
Hakuho rushed Kaku and tried to work from the side. They hooked arms and Kak tried for a throw which got Hakuho in some small trouble. Hakuho got out though and got a huge push to send Kakuryu flying out. Hakuho clinched the basho today with this win and with losses from Kisenosato and Harumafuji.

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