Saturday, August 31, 2013

WWE Superstars 8/31/2013 Results and Review

WWE Superstars 8/31/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I did a podcast on this show here:

 Alex Riley and Tony Dawson are your announcers.

 The Uso's and Justin Gabriel vs 3MB

Eva Marie from Total Divas was the announcer here. She was so bad. She talked like she had no clue what she was doing and her voice was bad.
Justin Gabriel was wearing the Uso's facepaint here and he wore the Uso's gear. Gimmick and Color Coordinating are parts of every great team.

"The Oos is loose!" - Tony Dawson

Justin Gabriel got the win with a 450. Really fun match here. It was all action and they just went for it from the beginning. This didn't really have slow points at all. The Uso's dive to the outside was nice and Gabriel's semi-botched 450 looked painful too. I just really loved the faces wearing the same stuff, especially for Gabriel. It gave him some character and definitely made the match more interesting. This should happen more often and more wrestlers need facepaint(and masks). It just makes wrestling better. Rating:***1/4

Dolph Ziggler vs Antonio Cesaro

"Doesn't he remind you of a James Bond villain?" - Alex Riley on Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro beat Dolph Ziggler with a Gotch Style Neutralizer. Great match. These two matched up perfectly together and it was very similar to Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro was a beast like always. His Karelin Lift was all kinds of nasty, his deadlift superplex was great and the finish was super hot. Dolph moved and sold well and did a cool tilt-a-whirl sleeper. Swagger also added to this as he tried to get involved and he took an okay bump off of a dropkick. Overall, this was as good as you would expect and probably the best Superstars match I've ever seen. I highly recommend checking this out. Rating:***3/4

Overall thoughts:
Great show as they went 2 for 2 here. This may have been the best Superstars I ever reviewed. This is highly recommend and Antonio Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler was great.

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  1. I stopped watching this show like 2 years ago .. and I still won't be able to check it out even if it had a match as great as punk vs lesnar maybe ! and I'm a BIG antonio cesaro fan (infact, he's my favourite wrestler in the world ! real talk ! not kidding at all !) and I still has a warm spot in my heart for ziggler whenever he's not being 10 times as bad of a human being as both jericho and sheamus were on screen this last year ... nothing wrong with it ! just I don't have time. same thing with main event, smackdown, roh, njpw, etc ... I only watch NXT (the best show in the woooorld !), IMPACT and RAW.

    so, these recaps from you are SUPER APPRECIATED ! can't thank you enough for all this, man ! keep up the good work. will be checking your blog daily from now on ! I'm so glad that I discovered it this past week. why aren't you more famous on the internet ?!