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WWE Summerslam Results and Review

WWE Summerslam Results and Review

My Summerslam preview is here:

The Raw leading up to this is here:

The Smackdown leading up to this is here:

I missed the first 3 minutes. Way to go WWE on advertising that the pre-show started at 7PM.

They talked about the Ambrose/RVD match on the preshow.
Renee Young was in the social media lounge.

They then went into a video package on Brock/Punk. Paul Heyman was then interviewed.
Paul said the David and Goliath story is fake as Goliath beat up David after.

BREAKING NEWS - CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar is now No Disqualification from Paul Heyman. He confirmed it during this interview.

Booker said No DQ harmed Punk while Shawn said it will help him.

Tony Dawson was interviewing fans on what they wanted to see tonight. They were from Northern Ireland.

They showed a video on Total Divas. Problem since that is on at the same time as SS for free.
"Before the beard, people were saying I looked like a WWE diva. I was a foxy dude." - Shawn Michaels
Vickie said Natalya wins tonight and said the guys didn't know what it was like to be a girl. Well, I'd hope she is right. Booker told Brie to watch out.

We then got into the mixed tag.

Dolph, AJ and Big E were training at Muscle Beach.
Renee Young talked predictions.

They showed people coming in the Staples Center. I have no memories of it even though I went there aside from a kid mouthing the words to an Outkast song at a Lakers game. I went to the Wrestlemania they had there that had a great Angle/HBK match.

They ran a video on the main event.
HBK said Daniel Bryan can win the title tonight.
Booker said Cena is rich and asked if he is still hungry or not.
HBK said the timing is right tonight for a DB win.
Vickie said she didn't trust Triple H out there.

Tony Dawson interviewed more fans, who won free tickets.

We got some main event talk by the announcers.

Pre-Show Match - United States Title - Dean Ambrose vs Rob Van Dam

Dueling chants here.

The Shield, Henry and Show showed up. They paused the match basically and then went to commercial saying this is still on.

Rob Van Dam beat Dean Ambrose by DQ when Reigns speared RVD. The match was fine and not bad at all but the finish was very lame. I was expecting a bit more out of them. RVD's kick to the outside was cool and Ambrose went splat off of a top rope elbow.
Booker was mad at The Shield getting involved.

Renee was still hanging out as she showed tout's. They had people talking about favorite Summerslam matches.

The Ring of Fire match was being set up.

Miz welcomed us to the show.
He hyped the card. Fandango interrupted.

We got a grimy old voice talking over shots of LA and the matches.

Jo Jo sang the national anthem.
This was okay. Much better than her "do you wanna get funky with me" bit that she did with the Funkadactyl's.

 Ring of Fire Match - Kane vs Bray Wyatt

They are raising the flames for big bumps.

Rowan used the fire extinguisher on the flames but no dice.

Harper and Rowan put a blanket on the flames and climbed in.

Bray Wyatt beat Kane with the Sister Abigail. The run in was clever but kind of killed the gimmick and the match wasn't good. No one was lit on fire.

They jammed the back of the steps on Kane's head which was dumb since that part is an arch and it's likely the steps never hit Kane. The Wyatt Family kidnapped Kane after and took him to the back.

Booker T said this was all disturbing and the Family "flipped the script".

They showed the Heyman interview from earlier where he made Punk/Brock No DQ.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Sandow talked about famous duo's.
He said Cody was his sidekick and would send him back to the circus.
Cody Rhodes shaved off his mustache.
Sandow hit a version of the Laso from El Paso.
Cody Rhodes did a muscle buster.

Cody Rhodes beat Damien Sandow with a Cross Rhodes. This was okay but nothing special and really just a midcard match. They each did a new move but no Cody moonsault and no near falls. The announcers pushed that Cody is the #1 contender is Sandow cashes in and wins the title.

ADR vs Christian is up next.

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs Christian

They said Alberto has a black eye from a Christian killswitch, presumably from Smackdown. How did Alberto  Del Rio get the black eye? A killswitch.
Alberto demanded that Lillian Garcia announce his name in Spanish.

Alberto won with an armbar over Christian. Really good match here. ADR worked the arm and did his high flying stuff with Christian countering with more flying. ADR bumped everywhere and his bump through the ropes was nasty. The finish was really cool. Christian hit the spear but his shoulder was too hurt from ADR working it, so he couldn't pin him. He was holding his arm and ADR grabbed an armbar. Rating:***3/4

Alberto said the kids needed a mexican hero and he would be that. He talked a lot in Spanish. The spanish stuff is kind of dumb because most of the people who are speaking Spanish and watching this can understand him in English and if they can't, the announcers can explain it. However, the US announcers have no clue what he is saying and I didn't either, so it all got totally lost. It seemed like they were pushing him as a face after the promo.

4 matches left and 2 hours left. Either some things are going super long or we are getting an extra match. No idea what happened to Fandango earlier.

They showed a clip of Maria Menounos  helping her team get a win at Axxess. She looked hot and talked for a second, before Fandango's music hit and he did the dance.

Natalya vs Brie Bella

The crowd got bored quick and chanted the announcer's names.

Natalya beat Brie Bella with a sharpshooter. Brie worked an arm/crossface hold for most of this and it went too long. Tons of shenanigans with the divas from the outside and it just went 5 minutes too long.
I assure you, this was taken in the inside of the Staples Center and not on the corner near the Staples Center.

"Feed me more-on." - Ryback
There was cold soup at catering and Ryback got mad. Ryback said "big guys don't eat cold soup" and ordered the guy to take it away. Ryback then poured the cold soup on his head and something else. I'm kind of enjoying this new Ryback gimmick but it's doing nothing for his career.

Brock vs Punk next. Something is up here. Either the mixed tag is getting cut or Punk's losing here.

 No Disqualification - The Best vs The Beast - CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

Only Brock could get away with wearing a tossle cap in LA in the 90 degree heat.

Brock Lesnar beat CM Punk with an F5 on a chair. This was a total classic. This was insanely stiff and vicious. They beat the crap out of each other. Punk got some early moves on Brock, then Brock beat him up bad. He double stomped a table top on Punk's back, had stairs ran into him and simply shook them off and took a hard fall outside. Other big stomps included Punk getting thrown over a table, getting belly to belly'd on the floor and getting slam powerbombed from the triangle position. The match was insanely heated. Heyman tried to save Brock multiple times and made some awesome faces and Punk ended up losing due to going after Paul and forgetting about Brock. Punk hit a great DDT counter on an F5 but ended up taking an F5 on a chair to lose. Great match and an instant classic. This is must see. Rating:****1/2

Some fan won a contest and got to sit near the ring.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston
Short entrances here as they are running low on time.

No heat for this at all and it's pretty much dying. But it was set up to.

Dolph beat Big E with the Zig Zag. This was nothing aside from a nasty Kaitlyn spear on AJ on the floor.

Fandango interrupted Miz and got decked.

Cena vs DB up next with 41 minutes until 11PM.

ProWresBlog Championship and WWE Championship - Special Referee: Triple H - John Cena vs Daniel Bryan
 John Cena is the ProWresBlog champion having defeated The Rock at Wrestlemania. On a side note, should Randy Orton cash in on someone and win tonight, he will not be the ProWresBlog champion.

Crowd is going nuts for DB.

Cena is wearing a big thing over his elbow and he went to talk to the trainer. This is clearly part of the gimmick here.

John Cena's eye got swollen. He got a big bump on his eye.

DB kicked out of an AA.

John Cena screws up a Super Styles Clash
Daniel Bryan beat John Cena with a flying knee! Daniel Bryan is the WWE champion! Good match with tons of heat here. They did some different stuff and really brought the stiffness and creativity. I loved the slapping and DB was really fiery.  Rating:****

Triple H turned heel and pedigreed Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton cashes in Money in the Bank! Randy Orton wins the WWE championship.

I didn't really care for the turn. Orton and Triple H do not interest me and it kind of just reminded all of us that no matter how much we like Daniel Bryan, WWE says he isn't what they want. The ending didn't make a ton of sense and Orton cashing in was meh.

Overall thoughts: Great show with many good matches. Check this out, especially Brock vs Punk! I didn't like the ending but the matches were top notch here.

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  1. Don't really agree with you on the Orton cashing in making no sense, but other then that you were spot on with everything. If Lesnar didn't hate the road, he could have been one of the best ever imo.