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WWE NXT 8/14/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 8/14/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

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 Paul Heyman came out, saying he was here to scout a new Paul Heyman guy.

"And for those of you who shout ECW at me, I can assure you that I am not here to live off the past, but scout for the future." - Paul Heyman
"Someone in that locker room can be the next Intercontinental Champion and that man is CURTIS AXELLL." - Paul Heyman

"Curtis Axel is better than perfect." - Paul Heyman
Paul said there was no one in the locker room who could beat Curtis Axel, so Big E came out.

Big E said he was man enough to beat Curtis Axel for the IC title, so Axel took the mic and accepted the challenge.

"I didn't say it was tonight. How about Thanksgiving? You can give thanks for me giving you an Intercontinental title shot." - Curtis Axel
Big E said Axel needed to show he was man enough to be here and the match started.

WWE Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs Big E Langston

"I just thought of something. If you put Paul Heyman's and Big E's hairdo's together, you'll have one complete haircut." - William Regal

Big E Langston won by DQ when Paul Heyman attacked him. The finish was dumb but the match was pretty decent. Big E was explosive and the crowd was really into it which helped it. Big E threw Axel around easy and hit a nasty sounding clothesline.

 Sami Zayn was interviewed by Renee Young. He said he wasn't ashamed of who he was and beat Cesaro before.
"You wanna make this personal? Let's up the ante. Cesaro, let's make this a two out of three falls match." - Sami Zayn
"They wanna expose me? Cesaro, I'm gonna expose you for what you really are - a coward." - Sami Zayn

Mason Ryan vs Scott Dawson

Sylvester LeFort said to make money, you have to spend money. So he brought out his investment, Scott Dawson.

Mason Ryan won quick with a cobra clutch slam. During the match, Cassady and Enzo Amore came down and distracted him, and then attacked after.

Mason Ryan cleared all three of them out quickly.

There was a funny moment on the commercials where they shilled Total Divas and Summerslam in the same block, even though both events are on at the same time.  I'll be reviewing both shows, but Total Divas probably won't be up until Monday.

NXT Diva's Championship - Paige vs Summer Rae

Paige won in a quick one with a Paige-Turner. Not sure why this was so quick, but I did like the match. Summer did her usual bit with talking trash and they both whipped each other's legs, making them bang their heads off the match. Not much else to say here since that was the gist of it.

"It could be anyone. It could be the camera guy. Hello." - AJ Lee on her opponent for next week's Divas title match.
AJ said it could also be her mom, or Renee, when Bayly hugged her.

"Hi AJ, I'm Bayley." - Bayley
"Sorry to bother you, but I followed you from your car, then I followed you from the locker room." - Bayley
"Do you think you could wrestle me for your championship?" - Bayey | "Sure, why not?" - AJ Lee
Bayley said that she didn't know why people were calling her crazy, which sparked up AJ.
"Maybe after I beat you, we could still be friends." - Bayley

Bayley then hugged AJ Lee.

During the break, Emma attacked Summer Rae.

Corey Graves, Xavier Woods and Adrian Neville vs The Shield

Reigns got the win with a spear. This was decent but not a fraction of what it could have been. The face's didn't get enough in and The Shield didn't really bust out the big stuff. Reigns' winning spear was good and Graves took a hard bump from a suplex inside the ring to the outside. The crowd was really into this and enjoyed it.
Cesaro accepted the challenge for the match next week and was offended by Zayn's comments. He said he was going to beat him bad when Zayn jumped him. No shots of this because it was too dark.

Next Week:
- Dolph Ziggler comes to NXT
- 2/3 Falls - Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro 
- WWE Diva's Title - AJ Lee vs Bayley

Overall thoughts:
The show wasn't that great. It was okay but the main and the women's match needed more time and the Big E/Axel thing was a waste of time. Too many bad finishes here too. I did like the Bayley segment though and I thought they did a good job in building up stuff for next week.

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