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WWE NXT 7/31/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 7/31/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Enzo and Colin did the usual spiel about not being S-A-W-F-T and then said they would dance.

Tons of Funk then came down

 Mason Ryan then came down and scared the heels in the ring.

ToF and Ryan beat up Enzo and Colin quickly.

Mason Ryan then danced with Tons of Funk, which believe me, was a sight to be seen.

Dusty Rhodes was congratulating Paige and Emma for last week's match and Summer Rae took offense to it.
"How 'bout you hand that pretty little title back to me?" - Summer Rae | "How about I break your face and give your teeth back to you afterwards?' - Paige
"None of this would have happened if Emma didn't steal a victory over me" - Summer Rae

 Emma made a crack about Summer Rae being a dancer and Summer Rae challenged her to a dance contest.
"That, young lady, is the most ridiculous thing, I've ever heard, in my know what? I kinda like it myself." - Dusty
Dusty made the match, which Emma called a dance battle and then we got one of the greatest moments ever in NXT history:

"I'm going to winnnnnn, I'm going to winnnn." - Emma

"SHUT UP. Regardless of who wins between you two, whoever faces me, is going to lose.
10 million stars for this segment. I demand Dusty become Emma's dance partner immediately.

"Can I join in?" - Regal on the dance off
Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks makes her return and may have gotten implants. On a totally different note, I'd be up for Natalya and Jim Neidhart vs Ric Flair and Charlotte. It would be the first WWE Father/Daughter tag team match and who knows, maybe even the first ever.

Charlotte beat Sasha Banks with her facebuster from behind. Good match here. Sasha looked good here and this was maybe her second best match ever. She showed some sass and I liked her camel clutch and her knees in the corner. Charlotte looked good too and this just worked well. Rating:***

"It was just like was gorgeous." - Tyler Breeze on his debut last week

CJ Parker photobombed Tyler Breeze and was quite funny doing so. CJ Parker = Photobomber would be a fun gimmick.
"Say it Renee. Say it." - Tyler Breeze | "Say what?" - Renee Young | "You'll know when I leave." - Tyler Breeze

"Ladies and Gentlemen...Tyler Breeze has left the building." - Renee Young
Great segment here. Renee just sold this so well and as I mentioned, CJ Parker was really funny. The segment really worked character wise too as Breeze was so into himself that he missed the big picture.

We got a new Wyatt Family vid set to "Mary had a little lamb".

Mickey Keegan and Aiden English vs

"I know all about Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. They made mincemeat out of me weeks ago." - William Regal
Rowan got the win in seconds with a splash. The Wyatt's were super over here and got the loudest pop of the night. They even got a chant and the fans doing a wave.

 Bray Wyatt hit a Sister Abigail and the crowd chanted "one more time".

"Today is the day that pigs fly." - Bray Wyatt
"Today, I want you to take all these world leaders and let em know that they better heed notice to Bray Wyatt, because today is the day that Bray Wyatt brings down the machine." - Bray Wyatt | "Bring it down! Bring it down!" - The fans
"Today is the day we say goodbye to NXT...for now. But if you need me, I ain't hard to find. All you gotta do is look up in the sky and follow the buzzards." - Bray Wyatt

"And one more thing...tiiiiiiimmmmmeee is on my sideeeeeeeee." - Bray Wyatt

"Thank you, Bray! Thank you, Bray!" - The crowd
This was a heck of a promo and quite possibly the best WWE promo this year. Bray talked about taking down the leaders and taking on the machine, saying that he and his crew were leaving NXT. The crowd was amazing here and totally into every word, making this a really special moment of NXT.

"Maybe you and I oughta show them what hell's really like. We're the tag team champions. We don't run from anybody." - Corey Graves
Neville said he'd come out with Graves tonight in case The Wyatt's attack and they said they don't run from anybody.

Scott Dawson vs Corey Graves
"In this business, just like life in general, money is all that matters." - Sylvester Lefort
"When I think about money, I think of one man, let me introduce you to Scott Dawson." - Sylvester Lefort

As always, Sylvester LeFort looks like the coolest man in the WWE and like a million bucks. Love the money pants.

Corey Graves won very quickly with a Lucky 13. Him and Neville posed, when The Shield's music hit.

"Good news, boys. The Shield is back." - Seth Rollins
"Congratulations, you got yourself a tag team championship. You're almost like myself and Roman, almost, but not quite." - Seth Rollins
"Adrian Neville, you slid yourself into Kassius Ohno's spot. You're not a champion, you're a thief, a crook and that's an injustice. An injustice punishable, by the law of The Shield." - Dean Ambrose
Ambrose challenged Neville and Neville accepted. Neville asked that it be made a US Title match and be made now.
"Oh yeah, we're gonna do this. We're gonna do this. Next week." - Dean Ambrose
Neville said justice will be served when he takes Ambrose's US title next week.

Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro

"I like a man who uses a headbutt. It takes a very warped individual to use a headbutt all the time." - William Regal

Leo Kruger beat Bo Dallas with The Slice. The match was good. Zayn was the face in peril and trying to get the tag the whole match. He sold well and crowd booed anytime Bo got in, while going nuts for Cesaro. The heels worked over Bo good and Cesar/Zayn ended up brawling into the back.

Next week - NXT Face-Off week:
WWE United States Title - Dean Ambrose vs Adrian Neville
Dance Battle - Emma vs Summer Rae
NXT Title - Bo Dallas vs Leo Kruger

Overall thoughts: This was a great and must see episode of NXT. The first few segments were all pretty enjoyable, the diva's match was good and Bray's NXT send-off promo was awesome. The main was fine and The Shield were good here too.

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