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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/19/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/19/2013 Results and Review

This is Raw #1056.

Summerslam is here:

Last week's show is here:

Total Divas Episode 4 is here:

John Cena came out.
He said he was disgusted about what happened at Summerslam. He said Daniel Bryan earned the title.
The crowd hates Cena. Cena thanked DB for bringing out the best in him.

Cena said he has a torn tricep. He said he was beaten cleanly though.
"I cannot put off my surgery any longer. Tonight I leave the WWE." - John Cena | "Tonight I leave for the next 4-6 months to try to get myself healthy." - Cena
John Cena has a black eye. It's from his match with Daniel Bryan last night.
He brought out Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie McMahon came out. Stephanie McMahon has a new rap theme song. No, I'm not joking.
"He was just doing what was best for business." - Stephanie on Triple H
"You might not be A, but you are a B+." - Stephanie McMahon on Daniel Bryan
She said not everyone can be the face of the company.
"Funny, because you're starting to remind me of a word that begins with B right now." - Daniel Bryan

Daniel got in here face, knocked away her mic and Steph kicked him out with security helping him.

Josh Mathews interviewed Cody Rhodes on the app. He said he has a chance tonight to be vindicated about Sandow. He said beating Sandow would make him the #1 Contender.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Both took flat back bumps on the outside early. Cody even suplexed Sandow on the floor. On the app, Sandow regained control. The app has a new and annoying deal where if your internet skips or slows down, it rewinds 30 seconds. When it catches back up, you end up losing the time between the rewind and the live footage. DS hit some kind of body scissors lock and sent Cody outside again.

"Cody didn't learn that from daddy." - JBL
They brought up Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell being in the stands and said Sandow told him about mistakes he made as a principal. Corny show, but I like it.

Cody got a suprise roll-up for a win. The match wasn't special. They took bumps and worked hard but the crowd didn't care. Can't say that anything these two do doesn't scream midcard.

Brad Maddox responded to some remarks Dolph Ziggler made. He blamed it on Dolph being a show off. He said Dolph could show off in a 3 on 1 Handicap match tonight against The Shield.

Paul Heyman was walking to the ring with his arm in a sling. This rhymes.
Paul called CM Punk a rebellious child.
"CM Punk gave Brock Lesnar all he could handle." - Paul Heyman
Paul said it was time to end the Punk/Heyman family feud. He called Brock "Big Brother Brock".
"CM Punk, I forgive you. When you appologize to me, I will take you back. You know better than anyone else, when you are with me, you are better." - Paul Heyman | "CM Punk, I still love you and I am willing to put this behind us because CM Punk, I will guide you back to the WWE championship and take you to the main event of Wrestlemania and together, together, together, CM Punk, we will be the best in the world." - Paul Heyman
The twins wished the Funakdactyl's good luck in their match next. They said they are representing Total Divas.

Layla was on the app. She said she had a special thing with AJ, by not liking Kaitlyn.

AJ Lee and Layla vs The Funkadactyl's
"Where is Planet Funk?" - JBL

"I pitched a reality show - Total Announcers" - JBL
They said AJ Lee is the first WWE Diva to get over 1 million twitter followers.
Naomi won with a botched pin. The ref counted two and rang the bell. Layla kicked out and looked confused for a second, but rolled with it. May have been the same ref who screwed up last week.

A WWE ref named John Kohn got interviewed about what Triple H did. The ref thought Triple H did a great job and called it right down the middle. He didn't mention Triple H pedigreeing DB and said Triple H did a "fair job". The ref said it was fine because the bell didn't ring when he hit it, so Triple H was in the right.

Josh seemed to have no idea as to who Dolph was facing despite it being announced.

Handicap Match - The Shield vs Dolph Ziggler

The Shield won with an awesome Roman Reigns spear on Dolph Ziggler. Dolph went for his high splash and got caught hard. Afterwards, the Shield triple powerbombed him. The match wasn't interesting until the end when Rollins took the suplex to the floor and Zig took the big spear. The Shield mainly controlled things the whole time.

They did a commercial for video game with Taker.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara in seconds by a ref stop due to a Sin Cara injury. A doctor at ringside stopped this after the Cara dive. They were claiming that Cara hurt his hand or wrist. But this was odd and something was up here. The doctor was down there ASAP and there's no way this was real.
Alberto cut a Mexico promo. King said earlier that he was faking this, so it's ADR's new gimmick going on Alberto now also has Mexican flags on the ringposts, albeit very small ones. Ricardo Rodriguez interrupted.

Ricardo Rodriguez says he is now representing Rob Van Dam. Ricardo Rodriguez is the new manager of Rob Van Dam.

There was a quick skirmish until Alberto ran off. I'm legit excited for a RVD vs ADR feud. It should be great.

Kofi Kingston said he was at a loss for words for what happened last night. He said he better not comment on Dolph Ziggler's speaking up. Kofi said he wasn't going to say anything and said "the dynamic of this company has already been changed".

Zeb talked about how Swagger and Cesaro should be celebrated, He said they are pure.
"Being on a plane and watching LAX fade in the background, that is real happiness to us." - Zeb Coulter
Zeb said he was embarrassed to be in the US due to illegal aliens. Loud we the people yell by the fans here.

The Real American's vs The Prime Time Players
Are the PTP's faces now?

"I don't know what you call that other than painful." - JBL
Darren Young got the win on Cesaro with a gorilla press into a double knee. The PTP's were total faces here even though the crowd cheered the RA's. We all know why this sudden turn of events happened, which is because Darren Young came out. The Prime Time Players did a good job though and I don't ever recall seeing them as faces. The match was actually pretty good and again, Cesaro has done the unthinkable as he has made Jack Swagger interesting.

"Are you sure you wanna do that to The Shield?" - The Big Show
Show said him and Mark Henry were going for the tag team titles. Apparently, Show made some remarks towards Triple H. Brad said because of this, The Big Show will fight The Shield in a handicap match with all three Shield members in the ring at the same time. If you are noticing a trend here with Brad speaking up for Triple H and Triple H causing problems for people who talked bad towards him, well done.

They did some really lame and obvious Footlocker product placement here with superstars talking about how good the shoes are.

We got some clips from Summerslam. I reviewed the show here:

If you didn't see Summerslam, check out Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk. It was awesome and brutal. Maybe WWE's 2nd best match this year. Christian/Alberto was also good and the main was good. I thought it was a great show as a whole.

 Ryback bullied someone. He kicked him out of the locker room, threw his stuff around and made him put it under a shower.

Handicap Match - The Shield vs The Big Show
I'll take double Shield over double Khali like last week, any day.
The Shield entered on the app, during the break.

The Shield dogpiled Big Show to win. Great but short match here. The Shield flew all around and the triple powerbomb on Big Show was absolutely amazing. I really loved this and it's the best handicap match I maybe ever saw. Rating:***

CM Punk came out.
CM Punk yelled at a fan who was booing him. He called the fan fatso. Remember everybody, be a star. CM Punk called the fan a bitch too.
"I'm sorry I didn't take your arm off and take it home with me." - CM Punk
Paul Heyman came out.
 Punk was real fiery, but calling out the fans is lame, especially when it's going to lead to them getting kicked out and possibly getting arrested. Should I be impressed that CM Punk can take the fat guy in the front row?

On a side note, Drew McIntyre and Alberto Del Rio actually got into a real life fight yesterday as a team, which was the reason for the black eye. I was told, ADR didn't win.
Paul Heyman said Punk pushed him too far. He told Axel to tape his fists up and get ready for a fight. He said if Punk is back in the ring when they return from a commercial, Axel will finish the job that Brock Lesnar started.

They had a big brawl. They brawled on the outside. Punk dove over the barricades into the time keepers area after Axel got put in there. They bot hit lots of chair shots and Axel tried to hit Punk's knee. Punk tried to go after Paul but didn't get the chance and ended up standing tall at the end.

Truth did a promo on the app. He said "if you kick my dog, I'll kick your cat" and was freaked out by the Wyatt's.

R-Truth vs Bray Wyatt
This is Bray Wyatt's debut match on Raw.

Bray Wyatt got the win quick with a Sister Abigail. He hit a low bodyblock that was stiff and the highlight here. The went 100MPH and kept it moving.

Alex Riley was interviewed on the app. He said Triple H cut the legs off of Daniel Bryan. He said a lot of guys were mad. They showed their stage and showed that it was near a production truck with Randy Orton's picture on it. Alex said that speaks for everything.

WWE did a promo for Los Matadores. Who are Los Matadores? Los Matadores are Primo and Epico. Los Matadores seems to be a comedy gimmick but really can't do any worse for Primo and Epico at this point.

Credit - LordPeepness

Los Matadores - Credit: LordPeepness
Los Matadores of WWE
WWE Los Matadores

The Uso's vs 3MB
The Uso's won in a quick squash with a Samoan Splash. The one Uso tagged the other on a dive which was super cool. The announcers said we could see Los Matadores vs The Uso's.

The Miz was interviewed on the app. He said he helped make a monumental Summerslam. Miz said "if you're gonna interuppted the Miz when I'm hosting, you're gonna get laid out". And "I guess I out Fandango'd Fandango". He then told Josh that he is his "Baba Booey" as they will announcer together on WWE Main Event on Wednesday, which I will be reviewing with pics and gifs live!

The Miz vs Wade Barrett

The Miz had the figure four on and Fandango jumped in, which ended the match. He nailed Miz and danced. The match was okay and atleast they kept it moving. Barrett hit a  nice big boot.

Brad told Stephanie that Daniel Bryan is in the building.

Paul Heyman was interviewed on the app. He liked how Punk took care of Axel and said "he's coming home, he's getting here".

Randy Orton's WWE Championship Coronation

All of the wrestlers were on the ramp and The Shield were doing security.
Vince said Trips saw the light and Triple H said he did what he did to show us the light .He wanted to secure the future of the WWE. He said "I did it for all of your children, I did it for all of their children". "I did it for Vince McMahon, I did it for Jess McMahon and his father, Vince Senior". I was waiting for him to say "I did it for The Rock, I did it for the people".
Triple H said Daniel Bryan deserved to win, but said he couldn't be the champ and the face of the WWE. He said we deserved better and deserved A+. He said it hurt him personally to do what he did and he said Daniel Bryan overachieved.
Triple H said he buried his personal feelings with Randy Orton to do what was right for us.
"Daniel Bryan, you need to check your ego at the door bub just like I do every week. I have to do what's right for business." - Triple H | " HAHAHAA" - Me

"I told you so." - Randy Orton
Orton said he owed all of this to Triple H and Triple H invited Daniel Bryan out.

DB got invited out and The Shield came after him.
Triple H stopped the beatdown from going further and Shield strangely listened. Triple H mocked him getting in and as soon as he got in, Orton RKO'd him.

Overall thoughts: I thought it was a good show overall but aside from some decent but quick matches, there wasn't a lot of great wrestling.

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  1. The guy actually hit ADR with a bottle of glass when ADR was tryng to help Drew girlfriend, who was harassed by the guys, that's why ADR has a black eye.