Monday, August 12, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/12/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/12/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Total Divas Episode 3 is here:

DB came out to start the show.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett - Special Ref: Brad Maddox

Wade Barrett beat Daniel Bryan with a rollup and a fast count by Brad Maddox. He threatened Brad after, but Brad left. The match wasn't anything real special. The crowd liked DB and he did his usual offense in a very quick match.

Damien Sandow vs Randy Orton
"Does anybody else think the Damien Sandowized Money in the Bank briefcase looks like chocolate?" - Cody Rhodes
"It's Grand Theft Halerburton." - Cody Rhodes

"Hindsight, I probably would of." - Cody Rhodes on whether he would have pushed Sandow off the ladder or not.

Randy Orton beat Damien Sandow with an RKO. Near the end, Cody went to steal the briefcase. However, Sandow handcuffed it to the post. Sandow still was distracted by him though and then got dropped with the RKO. The match wasn't good. I never liked this combo and their matches are always all resthold-a-thons

"If Andre the Giant's ghost ain't in the battle royale tonight, then I ain't losing at Summerslam." - Dean Ambrose
The Shield cut a promo saying the older guys are relying on their reps. Reigns said they were accepting open challenges for the tag titles for Summerslam. Ambrose said there was no one of value in the battle royale tonight and he wouldn't lose unless Andre The Giant's ghost was in there.

We got a replay of the Brock Lesnar package on CM Punk. See here for the original:

"When you come at the king, you best not miss." - CM Punk | "I got Brock Lesnar on Sunday. I have a feeling I'll be seeing a little of him tonight." - CM Punk
CM Punk said he took the match with Paul tonight because he isn't afraid of him. He hinted that Paul will do something tonight.

The Great Khali and Natalya vs AJ Lee and Big E Langston
Good lord, The Great Khali is doing double duty tonight. Somebody help me.

"Who's got Dolph's back now? Kaitlyn?" | "Show off? Nah, show over." - Big E Langston

Natalya beat AJ Lee with a sharpshooter. The finish was blown here. AJ Lee tapped out of the Sharpshooter before really being put in it. The ref just stared and did nothing. It was a very weird moment. They then redid the spot and AJ Lee tapped out for the second time. Big E tossed Hornswoggle after and then Khali cleared him out.

Vince McMahon was heading to the ring. I'd be totally worried if I was that ref...they fired another ref years ago for screwing up a finish in a John Morrison match.
Vince wanted to talk about the finish to Wade/DB.

Vince asked why Brad made himself the ref. Brad said the fans would like someone to make the right decision. Brad said he was a little excited to make the count.
Brad Maddox said he wanted a second chance and wanted to be the official for Daniel Bryan vs John Cena. Vince asked if Brad could be impartial.Vince said DB had a toothpick physique. In that case, I'd love to look like a toothpick. Vince asked Brad if he could be impartial again.

Vince went to make Brad the ref when Triple H came down.
Triple H said there should be someone impartial and in control for the match as a ref.
Triple H said he didn't think Vince meant Brad should be ref, but he should. Triple H then pedigreed Brad Maddox.

Kane vs Titus O'Neil

Kane won in a quick squasheroo with a chokeslam.
The Wyatt's came down.

Kane smartly snuck out before the attack. Not sure why people haven't been doing this sooner. I'm also not sure how three guys couldn't spot a 7-foot, 300lb guy running away.

Josh interviewed the twins:

The twins said they ruled the division. Natalya begged to differ and called Eva Marie a "Jessica Rabbit Wannabe". They then made a Bella vs Natalya for Summerslam with the cast of Total Divas there. Nat then got slapped.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

ADR won with an armbar. There was a cool spot where ADR did a codebreaker off of a Kofi body press and Kofi kicked right out of a reverse superplex, which really should have ended the match. This one had some rough spots though and Kofi isn't over.

They showed Mark Henry stretching for the Battle Royale.

We got a nice package on Christian.
Renee Young interviewed Christian. He said he'd beat Alberto at Summerslam. He said he needed just one more match and ADR went off in Spanish.

Zeb cut a weird promo saying he hopes California gets hit with an earthquake and Sacramento breaks off and kills the 2.5 million Hispanics in it. Someone's getting in trouble for that.

The Uso's vs The Real Americans

The Uso's got a roll-up on Swagger to win. Good match. I love The RA's double team's and the Uso's hit a great stereo dive. The pace was good too and Zeb was fun. Near the end he got up on the canvas for a distraction but it failed. Afterwards, he screamed. Rating:***

MizTV with Daniel Bryan and John Cena

DB was happy Triple H was the ref and sticking up to Vince. Cena said DB would put up a "hell of a fight" on Sunday.

DB said he didn't like how everyone thinks he will lose. He said he didn't watch television because of people like John Cena.

"This shirt is a parody of you, because I think you are a parody of wrestling." - Daniel Bryan
He called Cena a parody and said he is the best in the ring.

Cena cut some really lame promo about loyalty that I didn't really get.
Cena said he busts his butt for the kids. Cena told DB to be proud of everything he accomplished and know that Cena is proud of himself too. Cena said DB earns his respect if he wins on Sunday.
DB said Cena didn't respect him.

Daniel Bryan said Summerslam was the biggest night of his life but just another Summerslam for Cena. He said he'd like to do a japanese custom of slapping John Cena to put some fire into him, but he said John Cena isn't a wrestler, so he can't. Cena then slapped him. Randy Orton and Triple H walked down.

I thought Daniel Bryan was good but Cena's promo was his usual lame promo. Until the end though, this was still missing something.

R-Truth vs Fandango
Truth ran in during Fandango's entrance and they had a dance off until Fandango nailed him.

Truth got Fandango out of there and that was the end of it.

Paul Heyman said he was having second thoughts.

#1 Contender for the US Title Battle Royale
Tons of people got entrances for this. They must have been heavy on time.

Truth threw Fandango out, he then gyrated and Fandango came in and threw him out. RVD then thre Fandango out for the 2nd time. Tons of people went out during the break because you know, this battle royale was just so exciting during the first part that they needed to skip eliminations.

Kofi hung onto Cesaro to avoid being eliminated in a really cool spot. RVD then later got the win last eliminating Mark Henry. I didn't really care for this aside from Kofi's save.

RVD and Mark Henry did a fistbump when The Shield came down.

The Big Show returned and The Shield walked off.

CM Punk vs Paul Heyman
Heyman said he blamed the people for the things that have happened. Heyman said the people took Punk away from him and tonight he takes Punk away from them. Heyman brought out his co-conspirator, Brock Lesnar.
Paul showed a video package on Brock.

Paul said the trap was that he'd fight Punk if Punk fights him and Brock. He wanted CM Punk to play the hero.

Punk snuck up from behind and hit Brock with a camera. He beat him up with it and some chairs and went for Heyman. Heyman ran and Curtis Axel came out. Punk threw him into the video wall and GTS'd him to end the show.

Overall thoughts: I didn't like this show. The only thing I liked was the Uso's tag and I thought Daniel Bryan did good in his part of his promo. That's not enough though for a 3 hour show.


  1. "Vince McMahon was heading to the ring. I'd be totally worried if I was that ref...they fired another ref years ago for screwing up a finish in a John Morrison match."

    Well, have a looksie at this for why that really happened.

    RVD and Mark Henry did a fistbump when The Shield came down.
    NOW I'm convinced that Mark Henry returned to being a face.