Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WWE Main Event 8/28/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 8/28/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I did an audio preview of this show here:

My audio review of WWE Main Event 8/28/2013:

Curtis Axel vs Cody Rhodes

This one didn't get off to a hot start. They took it kind of slow and Axel spent a decent portion outside of the ring. Near the break, he threw Cody into the rails.

Curtis Axel beat Cody Rhodes with his finisher which according to wikipedia is called the Axelizer. Good match. They took it slow, but picked it up near the end to make it good. Curtis' lariat to the back of the neck was really good and I loved Cody's muscle buster. Paul sold the whole match really well and Axel's finisher looked good. The crowd got a little into it but were kind of quiet here. I enjoyed this one and it was surprisingly fun. Rating:***1/4

We got a promo for Los Matadores. Lots of Ole's here.

The Prime Time Players vs The Real American's

The PTP's won with an O'Neil Sky High spinebuster on Swagger. Really good match. DY bumped like a madman with one of the best over the corner bumps I've seen in a long time and took a hard Swagger lariat on the floor. The RA's did some cool double teams including an awesome double team type of Rock Bottom. Swagger then did a great slam on Titus before Titus hit the Last of the Titus. This was a ton of fun and really great. Go see this. Rating:***1/2

Kofi Kingston vs Fandango

The DQ
Kofi won by DQ when Summer Rae grabbed his leg. Very lame finish to top an average match. They didn't fly much and really Fandango only worked some holds before the bad finish. One commentary highlight was Alex Riley saying Fandango was similar to John Morrison. On a side note, Johnny Nitro was one of my favorite wrestlers until he became John Morrison. I never really got the gimmick change and I never got the John Morrison gimmick.

Overall thoughts: Good show with two good matches. Definitely give the tag match a look!

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