Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TNA One Night Only - TNA Reunion 10 PPV Results and Review

TNA One Night Only - TNA Reunion 10 PPV Results and Review

NOTE - I didn't see the gauntlet match on this show.

Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams vs Kenny King

Kenny King beat Petey Williams with the Royal Flush after Williams hit a Canadian Destroyer on Sonjay Dutt. This wasn't bad. Not special and not the best they could do but it was fine for what it was. Of course, it was all action but they didn't bust out any big dives, which was disappointing. The crowd liked it and King looked really good, as he just has the extra step.

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky

"See, that's why you can't wear that John Nord stuff because the traction from the fur now goes on Gail's neck." - Taz | "No one likes a hot chick with fur on her neck." - Taz
Velvet won with the O-Face. This wasn't very good at all and the commentators were mostly screwing around here.

There are video problems with the gauntlet battle royale, with most of it missing, so I'm going to skip it.

Team 3D vs. The Latin American Xchange vs. Bad Influence

Devon pinned Homicide after a 3D. The BI/LAX segments were ok as BI bumped a lot but other than that, there wasn't a lot here. It was just a match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Jeff Hardy won with a cradle. This wasn't good. Aries didn't care and fooled around all match which bored me and the crowd. He basically took the night off here and Hardy gave up as well. Don't even get me started on the announcers who were more interested in talking about Woodstock.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode won with one of the lamest finishes ever. Ever. Storm went for a monkey flip, he held on to the ropes then put his foot on the ropes for the pin. The match was fine up to that point and looked promising early as Roode seemed into it, but that finish was so bad that it killed it.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Kurt Angle got the win with an Angle Slam. This was a really basic and not so interesting version of their usual matches and I really don't recommend it as they took it really easy here. The finishing stretch was good though as they went from a sunset flip, to an ankle lock to a choke finish.

Overall thoughts: This was one of the most mailed-in and laziest PPV's I've ever seen. I truly feel sorry for anyone who bought it as TNA seemed to go out of their way to make this awful. This was a giant piece of crap and when a gauntlet with Matt Morgan is the longest match on the show, you know you got problems. The announcing was also horrific and a true sham. Finally, I didn't mention it but every match had highlights before it of previous TNA moments and these videos had to take at least 30 minutes minimum of the show.

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