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TNA Impact Wrestling 8/8/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 8/8/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Taz kicked out Mike Tenay and said this was his show tonight. He wasn't happy about JB taking his spot.

Ace's came out.

Taz said this was his desk and his chair.

Bully threatened to smack "blondie" Tito Ortiz across his face.
"So, take my advice, Blondie or I will take the back of this hand and slap you across your stupid face." - Bully Ray

Bully told Sabin to come out with his belt and the contract to sign for their match.

"Bully, you're so full of crap that your eyes are brown and your breath smells like feces." - Chris Sabin
Sabin said he'd beat Bully again in 2 weeks.

Bully called for Hulk Hogan, but Brooke came out. Brooke read a statement talking about the Bully/Sabin rematch. Brooke said deep in the contract, there was a stip where if Bully doesn't beat Sabin, he will not get another title shot.
Bully said he wouldn't be bullied by a Hogan.
Brooke said Bully was all talk and "very litte action", which she said she found out in their marriage. Bully signed the contract.

JB argued with Anderson and Taz, before announcing the BFG matches tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe in the Bound for Glory series

 Jeff Hardy won with a folding pin. Odd finish here. Anderson stood up, Joe stared at him then got pinned. The match was pretty decent but the finish was very weird.

Daniels was interviewed and said he has been wrestling for 20 years. He said tonight is his night and it's his time, plus he is in the lead. He said he would teach Kaz about all that tonight.

Magnus vs. Ken Anderson in the Bound for Glory series

Mr. Anderson won by DQ. Clever finish here. Bobby Roode ran down and nailed Anderson with a chair. At first glance, I wondered why. Then, they explained that since a DQ makes you lose 10 points, Roode costing Magnus the match made sense since Roode is determined to win it. The match was what it was. I liked Magnus' missed elbow drop and Anderson took a rough backdrop to the outside.

Roode said things have changed and he loves to be selfish. He said he did what he did to rid  Magnus of 10 points and said he is a "genius". He said it is just the beginning.

The ref apologized and said it was a tough call. Magnus said this would work itself out and he'd get the 10 points back.

Robbie E said they kicked Tara to the curb because they didn't want to put "romance" before "Bro-man's". Mickie James came in and said she'd take care of ODB while they take care of Storm and Gunner

Titor Ortiz was headed to the ring.

Sabin thanked Ace's. Sting said they would take out a member of Ace's next week. Sabin mentioned he needed a partner for tonight and had a plan that needed some of their trust. He wanted to talk.

Tito Ortiz talked with JB.

Tito said nothing and Kurt confronted him. Does Kurt have to do this with every MMA guy? He said he'd respect Tito's space if he respected Angle's space.
"I will respect your space, but you sure as hell better respect mine." - Kurt Angle

Bully said he didn't respect either of them and could take them both out. He said he could smack Tito if he got in his way.

James Storm & Gunner & ODB vs. Robbie E & Jessie Godderz & Mickie James

Storm and Gunner won with their finisher. Storm hit an excellent superkick near the end. The match wasn't bad. They kept the pace fast and Jesse went nuts with corner stomps at one point, falling over by doing them so much.

After the match, Gail Kim jumped ODB. Just as ODB recovered, Mickie James put her back down with a shot.

Kaz cut a promo saying he didn't like Chris saying "Poor Frankie" and tonight it would be "Poor Chris". He said he would win it for his family and said he'd show Chris why he was a former champ.

Bully didn't like not knowing Sabin's partner and him and Devon argued over whether they were 23 or 24 times champions.

Christopher Daniels vs. Frankie Kazarian in the Bound for Glory series

Kaz threw his gum out into the audience.

They went to a double count out. They were wrestling and then stepped outside when they watched the ref count and counted with him. Taz said they both got 2 points for this each.

Bobby Roode said all three of them were going to work together. He said they made up of 25% of the competitors and they would make sure one of them got the win. This makes an interesting spin on the series but does kind of expose it since we saw various ways that people can get and lose points illegitimately.

Tito said he would have more answers next week.

They announced a 5 on 5 MEM vs Ace's match, a 4 way ladder match and a Sabin/Bully Cage match for next week. 

Kurt Angle & Chris Sabin vs. Team 3-D

Sabin teased Sting being his partner, but Angle snuck into the ring and became the partner.

Chris Sabin won with a crossbody on Bully after Bully went through a table. Good match here. The pace was very good and the finishing segment was a lot of fun. The mic's caught a lot of Bully's trash talking too and it just worked out well. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: I thought the show was fine. I liked the Roode storyline and Hardy/Joe was good until the finish. The finishes were awful all show though.

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