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TNA Impact Wrestling 8/15/2013 Results and Review - TNA Hardcore Justice

TNA Impact Wrestling 8/15/2013 Results and Review - TNA Hardcore Justice

Last week's show is here:

Jeff Hardy vs. A.J.. Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Frankie Kazarian in a ladder match for 20 points in the Bound for Glory series

The early portion had AJ taking a backdrop to the floor and Aries letting go of a tug of a war with a ladder on the ramp, making Kaz take a comedic bump off of it. They are taking it pretty easy so far.

Kaz got the win after he threw an appletini in someone's face. The match was okay. The big spots were an Aries sunset bomb from the ladder, Aries dropkicking people off of a ladder from the ropes and AJ catching Aries with a Styles Clash by grabbing him off the ladder. I didn't really get too into it though. No issues were at stake and it was a bit slow until the end. The interference was lame too.

The Mafia were walking to the ring.

Sabin said he got into wrestling due to Bully putting someone through a burning table in ECW. He said people don't think he can win, but he thinks he can.
Dixie Carter said Kurt Angle got busted for a DUI and was in a rehab facility. She said that we all love him and support him.

Magnus said they were going to find a replacement for Kurt.  Ace's said they ended the career of Rampage before it started and took away Sting's chances at getting a title shot again.

They all ended up getting into it.

ODB & Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim & Mickie James in a tornado match

ODB ended up beating Gail for the win. The match was okay but I'm really not into hardcore matches. The wild point of the match was ODB getting a bra. She got the bra, put it around Mickie's and Gail's necks and flung them with it.
The Mafia were freaking out about not having another member and Joe suggested Austin Aries.

Sting was asking Aries for help since he hates Ace's too.

 Roode talked about how good his new faction was and said by tonight, he'd be in 2nd place.

Sting said that Aries said no and Rampage said he had one option, but he had to address it in the ring.
Bully said tonight is about him to Brooke on the phone and said they will come out next week with the details on their relationship.

Rampage came out and said he was called a sellout. He called out Tito Ortiz.

Jackson asked for Tito to join him to go against Ace's.
Tito said he "kicked many of butts". He rephrased what Rampage said and then Bully came out.

"If you cross me, I'll make you my Huntington Beach Bitch." - Bully Ray

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Ken Anderson vs. Bobby Roode in a tables match for 20 points in the Bound for Glory series

 Anderson got hugged by Bully to end the segment, as he came out for his match.

Roode got the win after Daniels threw an appletini in Magnus' face and Daniels powerbombed him. The match wasn't that great. I was watching this and at the same time, people were going nuts for Ortiz's "many of butts" comment and honestly, I found that to be more interesting. The only really good part was Joe hitting a ring bell of of Roode's nuts. I'm totally sick of the Appletini stuff already and can't understand why Roode was the only one who had his crew there with Ace's and MEM just hanging out in the back.

Sting said this would work and Ortiz would be a great asset for MEM.

Anderson asked Bully if he could do better out there. Bully blamed the loss on him asking Ken who gave Bully the hammer. Ken said "the fairy godmother". They then shouted at each other and Bully said he didn't know if he could win. Ken said they are trying to help him and "we are not your enemy". Bully said, "You're not my enemy? Well, you sure as hell don't sound like my ally".

Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray for the TNA title in a cage match.  If Sabin retains, Ray can never get another title shot

Bully threw Sabin in to the cage and Taz said "Ted Arcidi throw! Ted Arcidi throw! It's like Jeep Swenson, remember him?".
They botched a hurricanrana off the top with Bully going head/shoulder first. It looked real ugly.

Bully won with a powerbomb after Tito Ortiz turned on the Main Event Mafia. I was kind of surprised they had Tito turn, as I figured that would be for next week. The match was mostly a squash. Bully got in most of the offense and as usual Sabin got little in. There was interference near the end and of course a ref bump, for whatever reason. I'm not interested in seeing Bully as champion again.

Overall thoughts: I didn't like the show that much. I found most of the matches disappointing and all of the stuff involving Tito was lame. Bully retaining the belt is also something I'm not interested in.

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