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Ring of Honor TV 8/3/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 8/3/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

3.0 - Scott Parker and Shane Matthews vs Adrenaline Rush - Tadarius Thomas and ACH

ACH got the win with a cradle DDT. Good match here. It was too short but they kept it action packed. 3.0 worked over the faces for the first half of this and then the faces made their comeback. TD hit some great kicks to various parts of 3.0 and did a one armed handstand swinging kick. He then did a really cool 180 flip from his side off the top to the outside that the camera's missed. That's when ACH got the win with the cradle DDT.

The Hoopla Hottie Suylezia shilled a photo.

Nigel McGuinness was talking in the ring.
He said he stripped Jay Briscoe of the ROH title and had to do it because Jay Briscoe was injured and didn't have clearance from the doctor. He said Jay can't wrestle for 3-4 months. He said ROH would have a 16-man tournament for the ROH title beginning on ROH TV in 3 weeks. Nigel said he'd place more emphasis on the ROH tag titles and said he'd bring in some of the best tag teams.

Red Dragon came out.

Fish said because of them, ratings and attendances are up. He said their reign has reached "mythological levels". Well, if we are talking bad matches, then I'd agree. Fish offered to make their tag match tonight a title match against who they called "Forever Fooligans".
The American Wolves came out.

Davey Richards said his team was the best team in the world. Davey said The Wolves weren't in the World Title tournament because they want to focus on the tag titles. They wanted the winner of tonight's title match.

We got some promo's from Steen/Elgin/Ciampa.
They said the whole world would see how good they are against Whitmer and The American Wolves next week.

Inside Ring of Honor
Kevin Kelly showed the Jay Briscoe youtube video with his popped out shoulder.
Jay told Nigel not to do this to him and he's fine.
Elgin said he didn't want to be handed the ROH title in Toronto.
They showed the brackets for the ROH Title tournament.
Elgin said he helped out Nigel before so Nigel helped him here by letting him in the ROH tournament. He said it takes a real man to win 4 matches in a row. They announced a qualifying match with Adam Page vs Silas Young. I have no idea why since this match happened a few weeks ago.

Mike Bennett and Larry Legend did promo's for the Birmingham, AL show.
Bennett said he'd fight Brutal Bob next week and said The Protege is dead and he's revived.

QT Marshall walked over to the announcers, being mad about not being in the tournament.

ROH Title Tournament Qualifying Match - Silas Young vs Adam Page

QT Marshall made a pretty compelling argument about why he should be in the tournament. He said he wasn't voted in by the fans, since the fans would vote to have him fired if they could. Adam Page asked for QT Marshall to be let in since he wanted to shut him up and Nigel agreed.

ROH Title Tournament Qualifier - Adam Page vs QT Marshall vs Silas Young

Swing and a miss

Silas Young cradled QT Marshall to win. This was a good match and maybe QT's best. He was a good comedic heel here and took a nasty backdrop bump to the outside and a sweet flip bump on a lariat. Silas looked good being stiff and just being a decent character but Page missed half the shots he tried. The timing was right here and this was well done. Rating:***

ROH wanted us to text them and had Strong, C&C and Truth shill it. Truth said it was "so easy, even a hoopla hottie can do it!".

ROH Tag Titles - Red Dragon vs Forever Hooligans

Forever Hooligans are the current IWGP Tag Team Champions.

Forever Hooligans got the win with a backslide. This was long but good. The Hooligans did their usual spots and mixed some comedy in with it and the crowd ate it up. They all put forth a good effort and I liked it. Some nice dives here and it was cool to see a title change on ROH TV. Rating:***

Overall thoughts:
Good show with 3 good matches! The threeway was surprisingly pretty good.

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