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Ring of Honor TV 8/10/2013 Results and Review

Ring of Honor TV 8/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

We got footage of the Brutal Bob/Mike Bennett break up from weeks ago.

Mike Bennett vs Brutal Bob Evans

"He said The Prodigy is dead." - Kevin Kelly | "And so is Bob." - Maria
Mike Bennett won with a TKO. The match wasn't that great. Bob has very weird movements and execution and looked a little sloppy. Bennett did look better than usual though and hit a dropkick from the floor to the apron.

Mike Bennett signed his ROH contract over Bob after the match and Derell Cheeseburger made a failed attack on Mike, then ate a piledriver for it. Nigel had a word with Mike after but I don't see the problem since Cheeseburger attacked him.

Sulyezia of the Hoopla Hotties was shilling another picture of herself this week.

Maria stayed at the ringside for the next match, sitting AC Slater style on a chair.

Bonesaw Brook vs MsChif

MsChif got the win with a facebuster/head spike with Brook on the middle rope. Brook has a fabulous german and some fire in her strikes but otherwise, zero personality. This was quick but fiery and fun. Too bad it didn't go longer.

BJ and Larry Legend did the same promo as last time for an upcoming Tennessee show.

Inside Ring of Honor
Silas Young said all the other people in the tournament were boys trying to be men and at the end of the tournament, he'd be ROH champ.

We saw clips from last week's show with The Hooligans winning the tag titles and The Wolves talking to Red Dragon.

Kevin Kelly said next week was the 100th episode of ROH TV and Lethal and Strong started talking.

They said Lethal and Strong would be talking over some of ROH's best matches next week. The prospect of Jay Lethal talking for 60 minutes sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

C&C shilled the 9/27 Alabama show.

BJ Whitmer and The American Wolves vs Tomasso Ciampa, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin

Elgin got the win over Richards with a spinning liger bomb. Good match but they did do a little bit too much. This was all action from start to finish and they never let up. Tons of big moves with Edwards getting powerbombed to multiple wrestlers on the outside, Whitmer/Ciampa suplexing each other out to the floor, triple team submissions and Elgin doing an overhead suplex on both Wolves at once. If you like the ROH style, you will surely enjoy this one. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: The last two matches were good, so this gets the thumbs up from me. The main went around 25 minutes and was fun stuff.

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