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WWE Monday Night Raw 7/15/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/15/2013 Preview

Confirmed for tonight:
The Ultimate Warrior appearing in a commercial for the WWE2K14 video game.

We pretty much know nothing for tonight so this is going to be a little bit hard.

The big news is that The Ultimate Warrior will be appearing in some form or another on tonight's show, most likely in a commercial for WWE's new video game. I'm super excited for this. The Ultimate Warrior is one of my favorite wrestlers ever and it will be great to see him on TV again. He is still fit and healthy and you never know, if WWE is ready to throw out some big bucks, The Warrior could return. If Warrior is returning, I beg the WWE for Ultimate Warrior vs Brock Lesnar.

Last night, Randy Orton won Money in the Bank All-Stars in a great match. Orton will surely be out with his briefcase tonight and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he teases, but ultimately does not cash in.

During MITBAS, Curtis Axel jumped in the match attacking Daniel Bryan and getting attacked by CM Punk. Paul Heyman also attacked, only he attacked CM Punk, breaking up their friendship. There surely will be a lot devoted to this tonight since CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar is the expected main event of Summerslam. Either a CM Punk vs Curtis Axel or Daniel Bryan vs Curtis Axel match is possible, or both could get some revenge in a tag match involving the three of them.  Could the beast himself return?

John Cena was victorious against Mark Henry. Cena retained his title in a very good match that many thought Mark Henry could have won. Don't be shocked to see a rematch tonight since they can probably get a little bit more out of their feud before they finish it.

In other MITB news, Damien Sandow won the World Heavyweight Championship MITB after throwing his partner, Cody Rhodes, off the ladder and claiming victory. Will Team Rhodes Scholars finally break up tonight? Expect Cody to do some talking and call out Sandow and possibly set up a match between the two at Summerslam.

AJ Lee was a big part of last night's show as she retained the WWE Diva's Title and cost Dolph Ziggler his match vs Alberto Del Rio. AJ will surely get an earful tonight and we may see some baby steps in the AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler break up.

Speaking of Alberto, what will he be up to? I honestly have no clue.

The Shield retained the tag titles last night but they also got into a scuffle with the Uso's during MITB. Their feud seems to be continuining and some sort of match is possible between them tonight.

Stay tuned for a WWE Monday Night Raw 7/15/2013 Review with live pics and gifs starting at 8PM EST!

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