Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WWE Main Event 7/17/2013 Preview

WWE Main Event 7/17/2013 Preview

Tonight's matches are:

Fandango vs. Christian
At worst this will be good, at best, this will be really good. Christian can work a good match with everyone and Fandango is a good worker who doesn't get enough credit. These two should be able to work well together and there should be some fun flying. The winner is hard to pick. Christian has a little bit of a stronger push while Fandango is seemingly being punished for getting a concussion. I'll go with Fandango on this one. WINNER - Fandango

Layla and Natalya vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana
This one is a toss up here. 3 out of the 4 are good and this solely depends on how little Aksana is in it. If Aksana stays out, this has a chance. Either way, she will be the loser here. WINNERS - Layla and Natalya

Heath Slater vs. Justin Gabriel
These two have fought twice this year, look at these two links:
The match should be pretty good. Their last one was and due to having similar paths in the WWE, they know each other well and match up good. Look for this to be a sleeper. Gabriel is getting the push right now and he will win. WINNER - Justin Gabriel

Stay tuned for a live review of WWE Main Event 7/17/2013 with pics and gifs starting at 8PM EST!

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