Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WWE Main Event 7/10/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 7/10/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed the show here:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro

Zeb did his usual spiel pre-match saying hard work is gone and not liking social media.

Dolph Ziggler won by DQ when Swagger pulled him out of the ring. Great match with a dumb finish. Minus the finish, this was as good as you would expect. Cesaro hit a cool deadlift inside to outside superplex and did his spinning sleeper. He also went for the gorilla press into an uppercut twice but on the second time, Dolph caught him with a DDT in a really nice spot. These two matched up great together and besides a rematch with these two, I really want DB vs Cesaro. This is well worth a look and a great match. Rating:***1/2

Team Rhodes Scholars and Heath Slater vs. Tons of Funk and The Great Khali

Natalya must be working a cheater gimmick as she was holding hands with Khali despite being announced as marrying Tyson Kidd.

The Scholars said they were cohesive and would win at MITB.

Khali got the win with a brain chop on Slater. The match wasn't bad. The faces won when The Scholars were starting to lose and they ran. They tagged Slater in while 3MB were arguing with The Scholars. The Scholars left and Slater took a brain chop. This got at least 10+ minutes but was better than expected.

We then got a Wyatt Family package.

The announcers said Kane was doubtful for MITB.

To end the show, they showed the Vickie job evaluation.

Overall thoughts: Good show with a good Cesaro/Ziggler match. I really recommend checking that out but the rest can be skipped.

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