Friday, July 5, 2013

TNA One Night Only Hardcore Justice 2 PPV Preview

TNA One Night Only Hardcore Justice 2 PPV Preview

I'll be reviewing TNA Hardcore Justice 2 live at 8PM EST with pics and gifs.

This is by far the oddest looking TNA line-up I have seen in a long time. Most of the people on this show don't even wrestle for TNA anymore and some never did in the first place! I swear, this is almost like TNA pulled names out of a hat and these are the names they came up with.

TNA has advertised absolutely nothing for this even though they knew the full card, since this was taped. I can't see anyone buying this and I really don't blame them.

With all of that being said, the PPV actually looks fun. It won't be a classic but it will have gimmick matches. I like gimmick matches and think they usually end up as good matches if done right, so I have some hopes for tonight.

Street Fight - Latin American Xchange - Homicide and Hernandez vs The New Church - Brian Lee and Slash
What makes this one perplexing is that Hernandez is currently teaming with Chavo Guerrero, giving me no idea why this was booked. The funnier thing is that LAX is a lot more appealing and draws more money than Chavo and Hernandez, but politics are obviously more important. The New Church were gone before I started watching TNA, but Slash is Wolfie D of PG-13 and Wolfie can work. This will likely have tons of gimmicks and some big spots and it could be interesting. LAX will win this though without any questions.

No DQ - ODB vs Jackie Moore
TNA has a ton of Knockouts on the roster, so they use someone who isn't on the roster anymore. Makes sense to me, not. Anyway, this could be fun. Jackie isn't bad and was probably the first woman who I thought could take out men when I was a mark. ODB is fun too and while she is a comedy figure now, she could have been a much bigger star as the female Steve Austin. Expect comedy here and lots of weapon shots. ODB wins.

Ladder Match - Bad Influence vs Generation Me
This should be the match of the night. If these four go all out, it's going to be great. Generation Me are The Young Buck and they still are very good, so this should be good. Can't wait for this one and I hope they give it their all. Bad Influence wins.

Hardcore Gauntlet Match - 2 Cold Scorpio vs Guido vs Crowbar vs Sam Shaw vs Gunner vs Crimson vs  Johnny Swinger vs Shark Boy
Gunner has the only shot at winning this. There is no way. This won't be great and will be filled with tons of short matches with Gunner getting the win. I'm looking forward to seeing Shark Boy. 

Ace's and 8's - Doc, Knux and Wes Brisco vs  James Storm, Magnus and Bob Holly
As far as I know, there is no gimmick on this one, which makes no sense. This could go either way, but I'd say the faces have a small advantage since Storm and Magnus are in the main event. This won't be that ineresting. Magnus, Storm and Holly win.

Monster's Ball Match - Abyss vs Mesias
This should be violent and bloody. We haven't seen Abyss in a hardcore match in a while so at least this will be semi-fresh. Mesias is a good worker and if they don't go too long, this could be good. Abyss wins.

Tables Match - Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt(Spike Dudley) vs Team 3D
Not sure what Runt has left in the tank but if this is anything except average I'll be surprised. Hardy should get the win here to send the crowd home happy.

Stay tuned for a live review with pics and gifs at 8PM EST!

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