Monday, July 15, 2013

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 9

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 9

J14w    Kotomisen (3-5) vs    J11w    Takanoyama (2-6)
Tak got pushed back from the start and went out easy.

J7e     Asahisho (4-4)  vs   J13w    Endo (7-1)

 Endo lost the tachi ai but came back with good pushes under Asa's chin that got him the win.
J9w     Osunaarashi (5-3) vs   J5w     Tenkaiho (6-2)

Osuna threw some nasty shots here. He was winning from the start then took Tenkaho from side to side to win.
J8w     Satoyama (6-2)  vs J3w     Tochinowaka (6-2)

Tochino won, but it wasn't a good one. He had Satoyama's back and couldn't put him out but did gain control from there to win.
M3e     Chiyotairyu (6-2)  vs O2w     Kotooshu (7-1)
Koto had a good grip from the start and worked the side to push out chiyo. Chiyo was over here.
O2e     Kakuryu (6-2) vs O1w     Kotoshogiku (6-2)

Koto had nothing here and Kaku overpowered him and won.
O1e     Kisenosato (5-3) vs   M3w     Aminishiki (2-6)
Kisen pushed back Ami from the start to get an easy win.

S1e     Myogiryu (4-4) vs  Y1w     Harumafuji (6-2)
This was an aggressive dogfight. They ended up both staring each other down mid match and Myo just bulldozed him and sent him back and out. Nice win by Myo.

Y1e     Hakuho (8-0)  vs   S1w     Goeido (2-6)

These two were even strength wise on the tachi-ai until Haku pulled back and put down Go.



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