Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 3

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 3

Ms2e    Kizenryu (0-1)  vs J13w    Endo (2-0)
Endo put a nice leg trip in while Kiz was off balance. It was a good win but we should remember that Kiz is in the 3rd division, so this should have been easy.

J11e    Tanzo (2-0) vs  J11w    Takanoyama (0-2)
Tak worked the right arm, got under him and then swept him with his left foot for a nice win.
J9e     Seiro (1-1) vs J9w     Osunaarashi (2-0)

 Seiro worked Osuna's belt and had him going from side to side. Osuna almost went down multiple times until they got near the side and Osuna went first. Both men looked good here and this is one of the harder bouts Osuna has had.
J3e     Azumaryu (1-1) vs J3w     Tochinowaka (1-1)
Azu went for a side throw so Tochino simply just lifted him up from the belt to win.
M13e    Tamawashi (2-0) vs M13w    Jokoryu (1-1)
Tama went for a throw and stepped far out to basically save Jokoryu from what looked like a loss.
S1e     Myogiryu (1-1) vs  K1e     Shohozan (0-2)

Shohozan got pushed around and pushed out for a mostly easy Myogiryu win.

M2w     Gagamaru (0-2) vs O1w     Kotoshogiku (2-0)

Gaga got pushed back from the start and lost rather easily.
O1e     Kisenosato (2-0) vs M2e     Tochiozan (1-1)

Kisen lost here. He kept pushing into Tochi's stomach and went for a thrust, missed and went straight down. His title dreams may have gone down with it for this one.
S1w     Goeido (0-2) vs  O2w     Kotooshu (2-0)

 Koto had a solid grip from the start and when it came time for the throw, Koto held on longer to win.

O2e     Kakuryu (1-1) vs  K1w     Tokitenku (0-2)

Kaku thrusted at his chin and pushed him out easily.
M1w     Takayasu (0-2)  vs  Y1w     Harumafuji (2-0)

Upset city! Harumafuji got twisted and went down super easy for a  nice Takayasu win. Taka gets a gold star. I'm just going to tell everyone now that Haruma won't win this. He's going to atleast lose 1-2 more times, and it'll be too many losses.
Y1e     Hakuho (2-0) vs  M1e     Takekaze (0-2)

Take was rushed from the start and got taken down rather easily.


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