Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 14

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 14

Ms2w    Akiseyama (4-2) vs   J11w    Takanoyama (5-8)
Tak went to the side and then got behind  Aki. He had to fight hard but got it, however, he got DDT'd in the process.

J13w    Endo (12-1)  vs J9w     Osunaarashi (9-4)
Osuna had this in the bag but Endo skirted the side, turned around and put Osuna in trouble to get him out.

J5w     Tenkaiho (8-5) vs   J3w     Tochinowaka (9-4)
Ten came here strong and Toch couldn't do anything expect fall down.

M2e     Tochiozan (8-5) vs M12e    Kaisei (10-3)
Kai was too late on the tachi ai and basically ended up diving forward for a loss.

M9e     Aoiyama (10-3) vs S1w     Goeido (6-7)
Aoi got knocked off balance twice and went down the second time. Not a good one for him.

K1e     Shohozan (5-8)  vs O2w     Kotooshu (9-4)
Shohozan won here even though he lost. He went down first when trying for a throw but the judges didn't see it. Oops! Sho was good here and Koto looked strong.

O2e     Kakuryu (8-5) vs M6w     Okinoumi (9-4)
Kak got a great throw from the side in to win this.
Y1e     Hakuho (13-0) vs O1e     Kisenosato (10-3)
Big upset here as Kisenosato beats Hakuho! He just had Haku overpowered from the start and kept getting him in trouble. Haku slapped his way out of it multiple times but Kisen finally rushed him and Hakuho went down, losing his 43 win streak.

O1w     Kotoshogiku (8-5) vs Y1w     Harumafuji (8-5)

Koto was aggressive here so Haru stepped back and pulled him down for a win.



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