Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 11

Sumo Nagoya Basho 2013 Day 11

J13w    Endo (9-1)  vs  J7w     Daikiho (6-4)
Daiki tripped after an Endo thrust and lost.
J11w    Takanoyama (2-8)   vs   J9w     Osunaarashi (7-3)
Tak jumped up, spun and grabbed Osuna's arm for the win in 2 seconds. I didn't expect this to go that way.
J10w    Tokushinho (6-4)   vs   J3w     Tochinowaka (7-3)
Toku gave up from the start and grabbed Toch's head while Toch pushed him out.
M4e     Kyokutenho (3-7)   vs   O1w     Kotoshogiku (6-4)
Kyoku got backed up from the start and offered nothing en route to getting his make-koshi losing record.

O1e     Kisenosato (7-3)  vs  S1e     Myogiryu (5-5)
Myo got backed up and went out without much of a fight.

O2w     Kotooshu (9-1)  vs   Y1w     Harumafuji (6-4)
Koto was low so Haru went to the side and threw him when Koto rushed in.
Y1e     Hakuho (10-0) vs   O2e     Kakuryu (7-3)
Hak got backed up but then did a flawless twist throw to send out Kakuryu.



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