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NJPW Kizuna Road 7/15/2013 Review

NJPW Kizuna Road 7/15/2013 Review

As usual, I'll be doing selected matches from this show.

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Tetsuya Naito & La Sombra vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & Masato Tanaka

Yano got the pin here after Iizuka hit the iron fingers. Good match with a bad finish. Naito/Tanaka and Sombra/Nakamura worked well together and were the real highlights of this. Naito and Tanaka are a great match and I really want to see these two go at it. They nailed each other with shots and Tanaka took a sitff german. Sombra didn't hotdog it and instead went all out making this a good one.

 Hiroshi Tanhashi & Captain New Japan vs Yuji Nagata & Hirooki Goto

Goto got the win with the Shouten on NJ. The match was okay. The crowd loved NJ and he was the focus of the match, despite basically being a dope. Tana didn't get too much in as expected.

Elimination Match - CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, Yujiro Takahashi, YOSHI-HASHI, Jado & Gedo) vs BULLET CLUB (Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, El Terrible, Tama Tonga & Bad Luck Fale)

Terrible taps to the Red Ink

Okada takes out Tonga

Fale pins YOSHI after a thumb strike chokeslam

Anderson eliminates Yujiro with a step kick
 Anderson then took out Jado with a cutter seconds later.

Devitt takes out Okada

BULLET CLUB got the win when Okada threw in the towel for Gedo. This was basically a long squash. The BC basically destroyed CHAOS, with Gedo taking most of the punishment. In the last half, the BC got it down to just Gedo and they all hit multiple finishers on him then would tease pinning him, but stop at 2. Okada had enough and gave it up. The finish even though it was screwy wasn't that bad and it did make sense on both ends. The highlight here was the Okada/Devitt matchup. They did some counters and exchanged holds and helped me to get excited for their PPV match this week.

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