Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FMW 5/5/1999 - FMW vs Battlarts 10-Man Elimination Tag

FMW 5/5/1999 - FMW vs Battlarts 10-Man Tag

Battlarts was a shoot style group while FMW was a hardcore group. These two couldn't be bigger opposites.

Yone taps out Hido
Hijikata got powerbombed and pinned by Kanemura after
Mr. Gannosuke eliminates Katsumi Usuda and almost sends him into the front row.
Ishikawa takes out Hosaka with a Chickenwing

Ishikawa and Oya both go after an Ikeda enzugiri

Kanemura goes after a Yone baseball slide
Yone eliminates his own partner Ikeda, but it doesn't count for some reason.

Gannosuke takes out Yone
Ikeda got the win with a low blow and a lariat. Good match here. The crowd was quiet but the action was solid and the different clashing styles were interesting. I liked the FMW guys using heel moves and some weapons while the Battlarts guys stooped low as well with double team attacks and tons of low blows. I didn't get the one part where I thought Ikeda was out, but aside from that, it was really fun. Gannosuke and Kanemura were so good here as was Yone. Oya worked well with Ishikawa and I bet that one would have been good. This had a little something for everyone and while long was fun. Rating:***1/2

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