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CWA Memphis TV 2/11/1984

CWA Memphis TV 2/11/1984

Today's show features King Konga, The Zambaui Express, Austin Idol, Dutch Mantell and Jerry Lawler.
Lance Russell and Dave Brown are your hosts
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The Zambaui Express vs Jim Jamison and Ira Reese

Elijah Akeem beat Jim Jamison with a splash at 3:01. Jamison was the highlight here with his great selling. He did some nice flopping and made everything look deadly. Too bad neither he or his partner didn't even get a sneeze yet alone a move in here.
"I don't know how you can dominate a wrestling match any more than they just did." - Dave Brown on the Zambaui Express
"Put the smart money on Jimmy Hart 'cuz I will be in that 19-man Battle Royale" - Hart on a 19 man Battle Royale in Evansville, Indiana

"We don't need to be pretty, because we are winners." - Joe Leduc on The Fabs and the battle royale
"Evansville, Indiana is Macho Man Country, yeah." - Macho Man Randy Savage
"I would stick a knife in a man's belly all the way up for less than $5,000." - Macho Man
Macho Man also called out Bugsy McGraw.
"The Zambaui Express gon' win it all, because we know what it takes. We been down and out." - One of the ZE's.
The ZE's called out Norvell Austin and Stagger Lee.

We got some highlights from a Stagger Lee and Norvell Austin vs The Bruise Brothers match:
They then showed clips from another match of their's.
Stagger Lee and Norvell Austin got interviewed.

"Jimmy Hart, you gon' regret that we got out of yo stinkin' family." - Norvell Austin | "We here to stay, we ain't here to play, baby." - Norvell Austin | "We ain't talkin' no jive, we gon' take it out in five." - Norvell Austin
"Norvell's gonna hit him with his left and I'm gonna hit him with my right and they gonna be seein' those Coliseum lights." - Stagger Lee aka Koko B. Ware
"Norvell shaved his beard, he looked like a 45 year old Michael Jackson." - Jimmy Hart
Jimmy called Norvell "Michael Jackson" again and said he needed to get a real suit. He then brought us to a Rick Rude video.

"Cause everybody wants you..." - Billy Squire
The video was to The Fabulous Ones "Everybody Wants You" song.

"Fabulous Ones, eat your heart out." - Jimmy Hart
The check for the battle royale
King Konga and Joe Leduc vs Ken Raper and Robert Reed
I'd put Konga and Leduc high on my "dudes I don't wanna mess with" list.
"Konga and Leduc, a scary looking tag team." - Dave Brown

Joe Leduc got the win after a backbreaker/flying elbow combination at 1:52. Nice squash here with the heels looking good.

We then got a special on King Konga.

"Brotha, I like my whiskey on ice and my women on fire." - Joe Leduc, LOL at Lance
We then got footage of the famous Joe Leduc tug of war.
"14 people, 14 marks from the crowd, couldn't take Joe Leduc's hands." - Joe Leduc | "Brotha, this is POWER." - Joe Leduc

"Nothing can resist Joe Leduc. Nothing can resist power. Nothing can resist Spartacus." - Joe Leduc

Austin Idol, Jerry Lawler and Dutch Mantel vs Pink Panther, Big Lou Winston and The Masked Marauder
The Masked Marauder is one of my favorite Memphis jobbers.
Dutch got the win in a quick squash with an elbow in 1:50. Panther went in after the match and took a few shots for it.

"Everybody knows Randy Savage is a bonafide idiot. And how do you wrestle an idiot? You get one." - Dutch Mantel
"I went to Atlanta, Georgia and got me Bugsy McGraw and he is a certified, bonafied idiot." - Dutch Mantel
"You take a look up the word sex and you look up Webster's Dictionary and you see a picture of #1 Austin Idol." - Austin Idol
"The women's pet, the men's regret and in Evansville, you ain't seen nothin' yet." - Austin Idol to Rick Rude
Apparently, Rick Rude was calling himself a sex symbol and stuff leading up to this and Idol took exception to it.

The Fabs said they were on the road to getting their tag titles back.

 We then got a rare match from the Mid-South Coliseum.

Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol vs The Road Warriors

They cut it off with King making his comeback, then skipped ahead.
This went to a Double DQ after ref Jerry Calhoun got hit. The match didn't get good until the faces made their comeback, which was just about when the match ended. A big brawl ensued and multiple wrestlers tried to stop it.

Overall thoughts:
This was a pretty good show. Joe Leduc and King Konga were pretty awesome and all the promo's and music videos were good. While the matches weren't great, the other stuff being good more than made up for it. This is worth a look.

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