Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AJPW Champions Carnival 2013 Mini-Post

This is incomplete as I want to do another match or two.

I wanted to review some of the interesting Champions Carnival matches and since my internet and dailymotion are working well, the time is now.

AJPW 4/21/13 - Masayuki Kono vs Go Shiozaki

Go Shiozaki won with a Suplex into a final cut/lariat type of combo. Minus missing some of his finish, this was the best I've seen Go Shiozaki look in a long long time. He was fiery and throwing some great lariats. Kono on the other hand was pretty much a turd. In about 30 seconds he no sold a superplex and a german on his head. Forget that guy. The crowd didn't care at all.

AJPW 4/21/13 - Champions Carnival - Jun Akiyama vs KAI

Jun Akiyama won with a wrist-clutch exploder. Good match here. KAI was really great. He was so fiery, sharp and stiff on everything he did that he looked like the second coming for a little here. This is the second Kai match I've seen recently and he really blew me away. He was just perfect here. Akiyama was good too but really shouldn't have got the win. The crowd was kind of eh for this one but I promise, it doesn't run in too much. Rating:***1/4

AJPW 4/24/13 - Champions Carnival - KENSO vs Masakatsu Funaki

Funaki won with an armbar. The match wasn't bad. They stuck to slapping each other in the face and it worked for the most part. The crowd bought it and KENSO looked good.

AJPW 4/27/13 - Champions Carnival - Jun Akiyama vs Masakatsu Funaki

Jun Akiyama won with a wrist clutch exploder. The early portions started off really slow and not that interesting. However, the second half was very good with some very stiff and nasty shots that brought my interest. Still not enough though, as this should have been good the whole way through. This only went about 8-10 minutes at least.

AJPW 4/29/13 - Champions Carnival - KAI vs Go Shiozaki

KAI won with a facelock with both arms held back. Very good match here. The crowd was hot, the wrestlers were into it, KAI's chest bled and they stiffed each other. The match went about the right amount of time and everything worked here. This is the best match of the CC that I've seen so far and this was great. Rating:***1/2

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