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WWE Payback Results and Review

WWE Payback Results and Review

I previewed WWE Payback here:

The last Raw before WWE Payback is here:

The last Smackdown before WWE Payback is here:

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Show said he was glad to be in the booth and said his opponents were too.

WWE Payback Kickoff - Damien Sandow vs Sheamus


Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick in a decent match. It was pretty back and forth and Sandow busted out new moves. He hopped under the bottom rope and hit a dropkick and did a flipping neckbreaker while Sheamus was on the ropes. The crowd was into it and I liked it.

They teased Cody Rhodes about Sandow losing.

On the PPV Pre-show, they aired Jericho/ADR vs Big E and Ziggler from Smackdown. They had Renee Young looking hot and hosting with Scot Stanford.
The youtube preshow aired a Cena/Ryback package while we got a package on Daniel Bryan and The Shield's feud on the PPV preshow.

Truth and Cody picked Ryback to beat Cena and Big Show picked John Cena. Show and Truth picked Alberto to beat Ziggler.

Cody picked Ziggler to win and said we didn't know how good he was since he was injured.
The announcers talked about how hot the crowd was and sent us off.
Renee Young wanted Scot Stanford to give her $100 he owed her from some tune-up and said goodbye.

They had an old gangster talking about payback.

Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel

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Curtis Axel won the Intercontinental Title by pinning Wade Barrett while Miz had him trapped in the Figure Four. Good match here and the crowd loved it.

 Paul and Axel were cleberating backstage when Triple H appeared. They had a staredown. Vince then walked in and said congrats and stuff and asked Triple H about fighting Axel for the IC Belt tommorow. He asked if he was feeling it and Triple H said no.

WWE Diva's Title - Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee


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AJ Lee won with the Black Widow/Christo. Decent match here. AJ worked her black widow and Kaitlyn almost had the win, but she blew AJ a kiss instead and slammed her head off the mat. She went for the pin then and lost it. It took Kaitlyn a while but she did tap out. After the match, the crowd chanted "you tapped out" and Kaitlyn cried. The crowd booed it and Layla came out to console her.

Kaitlyn was then consoled by more diva's after but left.

 WWE United States Championship - Dean Ambrose vs Kane

Dean Ambrose won by countout after a DDT on Kane on the floor. The match wasn't that great. Ambrose tried but it was a formulaic Kane match and wasn't interesting. Tons of Ambrose chants here.

RVD Rob Van Dam is returning to WWE at Money in the Bank.

 World Heavyweight Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Tons of Dolph chants here.
Dolph had a concussion so ADR gave him a backdrop early. How smart. And by smart, I mean, stupid. Big E got kicked out after pushing ADR.

Alberto won with a superkick to the head. I didn't like this one. They worked the storyline of Dolph having a concussion. So they had ADR kick him in the head and do other moves to his head during the match. The announcers pushed the concussion thing and it just made me uncomfortable. I'm sure Dolph wasn't hurt, but concussions are scary things and WWE promoting them like this wasn't cool. The crowd loved Dolph and ADR worked like a heel here, or atleast it appeared so, as he mostly beat up on a helpless Ziggler. A trainer was out for most of this match checking on Dolph.
Big Show said this was uncomfortable to watch and Josh Matthews said the Cubs would never win a world series.
Alberto got on the mic after and tried to rally cheers for himself. He mentioned multiple times about winning the title and said everything he did was for the people. This seemed like a heel turn but I don't know if it was supposed to be.

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

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CM Punk won after two Go To Sleep's. Good match here with the crowd being really great. The big spot here was Jericho hitting a codebreaker during a Punk dive into the ring. I didn't think they got as much out of this as they could have, but they did they good and didn't go overboard. It went around 15-20 minutes and probably could have went double it. Rating:***1/2

WWE World Tag Team Titles -  Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

Seth Rollins got the win with a single leg foot stomp on DB's head. During the match, DB accidently toped Orton and then Orton threw DB into a Reign's spear. Good match with good heat, but they had better. Orton was in this almost the whole way with Reigns though and it brought it down. Other big highlights were Reigns taking a huge backdrop to the outside and hitting a cool Superman punch.

WWE Championship - Three Stages of Hell - John Cena vs Ryback

1st Fall - Lumberjack Match

Ryback took the first with a shell shock. The lumberjacks eventually attacked both men and there was a mass brawl. Cena dove on everyone and when they came in again, Ryback won.

2nd Fall - Tables Match

Cena won the 2nd fall by putting Ryback through a table.

3rd Fall - Ambulance Match
Cena got powerbombed through a table.

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Cena got the win with a F-U through the ambulance roof. Wacky amublance match. They hit each other with doogs, bumpers and lights. Ryback put his hand through a window and they cracked a windshield. It was kind of funny at one point and even the announcers couldn't help themselves in making jokes at it, which hurt things. It was okay but all weapons shots. The lumberjack portion was probably the best thing here and was definitely the most believeable.

Overall thoughts: Good show as a whole. Punk/Jericho was the match of the night and the main event was wacky but memorable. Check this one out.

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