Thursday, June 13, 2013

WWE NXT 6/13/2013 Results and Review

WWE NXT 6/13/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro won with a Gotch-Style Neutralizer. Great match as expected. Cesaro was beastly here and they went at a fast and aggressive pace for the whole match. Zayn timed his stuff well and this was just a well put together match.  Cesaro's two big uppercuts were nasty here and I really liked Zayn's flying stuff. Rating:***3/4

Baron Corbin and Travis Tyler vs Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan

Dawson and Dylan won with their spinebuster and sitting axe handle finisher which is now called Southern Pride. This was all squash and wasn't that interesting.

NXT Women's Championship Tournament Round 1 -  Bayley vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox won with a great axe kick in a quick but good match. 2 minutes into this Bayley just woke up and started stiffing Fox. The crowd loved it and she looked really good doing it. They even got a chant going for her so she definitely has something. She is working some weird gimmick where she has a lot of "youthful innocence", as that is what the announcers are calling it. This caused her to hug Alicia Fox and it was different. I don't know if she is supposed to be a female Eugene or not. We will have to see where this goes with her. I enjoyed this one. Rating:***

NXT Title - Big E Langston vs Bo Dallas

"He handed me my butt on a platter, and the tray was bent." - Dawson telling us about a former opponent of Big E.
"He's so powerful and perfectly built for creaming people, just to be honest with you." - Regal on Big E
Big E got hops

Bo rips off the turnbuckle

And Big E hits it

Bo Dallas became the new NXT champion by beating Big E Langston with a hip toss/belly to belly. Bo ripped off the turnbuckle near the end and put Big E's head into it and got a true jaw dropper of an upset. I didn't see this coming and was very surprised. The crowd booed it and even though they played the music at the end loud, you could still hear tons of boos.The match wasn't bad. Big E squashed Bo, which is what most of us wanted and looked good doing it. Big E showed some great agility here and the jumping power from this guy is pretty amazing. Big E looked pretty good during this one as did Bo, but I don't know if it was the right finish or not. People already hate Bo and they are going to hate him even more. He's going to end up as John Cena V2 where 3/4 of the crowd passionately hate him due to his overpush and it might turn some people off from NXT. While Big E didn't have great matches as champion, he was over and was a star. The only good thing I can say about Bo Dallas winning the NXT title is that now we can hopefully get it over with.
"I can't really think of anything, so I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD." - Bo Dallas

Overall thoughts:
There were two good matches and the main wasn't bad at all. This is definitely an NXT you need to see.


  1. Would it be too much to ask for a .gif of Cesaro slapping Zayne's body after the pin?