Monday, June 17, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

I previewed WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 here:

On the app, Josh Mathews hyped the show and talked about Mark Henry. He brought out the Prime Time Players. They said the Mark Henry rumors could be false and they want to know what he wants to say.

 Ricardo and Alberto came out and got boos. Alberto switched to the black towel, so he is officially a heel.
He said the fans didn't show him the respect he deserved and called Swagger a pig. He also didn't like the crowd cheering Dolph when he beat Alberto.

He talked more until CM Punk came out and stopped it.

CM Punk challenged Alberto and Heyman stopped it. He said the title wasn't on the line and Punk was banged up.

Vickie came out and made the non-title match with Alberto vs CM Punk tonight.

They made Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton for tonight.

On the app, Josh tried to talk about last night with Wade Barrett but Wade wasn't interested and said he would beat Axel tonight.

Punk broke up with Heyman. He said he didn't need his help to win matches but would always be a Paul Heyman guy. He said he was still his friend but didn't want him coming out with him anymore.

Intercontinental Title - Curtis Axel vs Wade Barrett
Vickie nixed the match and made..

Wade Barrett vs Christian
Christian returned to WWE.

Christian won with the Killswitch in a quick but decent match. The highlight was a Christian dive to Wade on the outside.

They announced tonight's vote:
On the WWE app, Christian got interviewed. He said there was nothing like the electricity of the WWE. He said he didn't need a hype video for his return since he brings the hype live. Josh asked Christian about doing a ladder match, hinting at Money in the Bank. Christian said he'd be interested in it and he came back to be the champ.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs  Sheamus

Damien Sandow pins Sheamus

Sandow rolled up Sheamus out of nowhere to win while he tried to do a Brogue Kick. The match was dumb. Even dumber, Sheamus had to go back to his bullying roots. He decided to Brogue Kick Cody after the match, for no reason whatsoever.

Randy Orton was interviewed by Josh on the app. Orton said DB's inferiority complex made DB stronger. Orton then said DB was the weak link and he'd prove it tonight.
Vickie defended booking the Alberto/Punk match. Triple H asked what was the plan if Punk didn't show up. She talked about Christian. Triple H then asked why Christian was just brought back now since he's been cleared a month and a half now. I wondered that too. Triple H asked about RVD and said he made the deal and wondered why Brad and Vickie took credit for it. Triple H said Vickie needs to take care of The Shield and make an example of them if The Shield interferes. Triple H also mentioned Vickie having 3MB on the show. I really love how Triple H buries somebody every time he appears. It's amazing how far he goes out of his way to do it.

Team Hell No talked in the back DB said Kane was happy they didn't win last night. Kane denied it and said both of them losing is a sign that they should reform their team. Daniel Bryan said he can't prove himself in a tag team and he needs to be Team Daniel Bryan or Team DB. He said he has to be by himself and Daniel Bryan said he needs to win the WWE Championship.
They opened DB vs Orton voting on the app. I voted for No DQ.

No DQ - Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

On the app, Orton was beating down DB. He worked his ribs and stood on them. He tied DB around the top rope and punched him.

Randy Orton won by Ref Stoppage. A doctor came out and eventually stopped the match. This happened after Daniel Bryan hit the dive on the rail. The match was good but the ending was odd. I don't know if Daniel Bryan got hurt or not. They way they showed it, it seemed like he did get hurt but this is wrestling. Orton hugged Daniel after and helped him get up.

AJ Lee came out.

She said there was no girl as strong as her and Stephanie McMahon came out.

Steph said what AJ did to Kaitlyn was degrading and it's time AJ acts like a champion.
AJ said instead of dating Superstars, she should marry them like Steph.
Steph said she could fire AJ if she wanted and all the diva's came out. No Rosa.
We got "You Tapped Out" Chants for Kaitlyn as she complained.

Kaitlyn attacked AJ, her top almost came out and AJ got taken back by Big E as she flipped out.

On the app, The Bellas talked to the Funkadactyl's. They told them to stop acting like them. Cameron said the Bella's were fake and they snapped their fingers and left.

United States Title - Dean Ambrose vs Kane

 They said Daniel Bryan had nerve damage. This match didn't go long at all as The Shield interfered and triple powerbombed Kane.

Mark Henry was with Tamina and the PTP's in the back. Mark Henry was wearing a pink suit.

The Uso's said they wanted a title shot on the app and asked what they had to do.
The Shield asked Vickie what they are gonna do. Vince them came in and said The Shield reminded them of him. He said he never liked Kane. We have something in common as I never liked Kane either.

Zeb Coulter talked about the government spying on us and illegal aliens . To show he wasn't racist, he said Antonio Cesaro would join them.

William Regal vs Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro won quick with a Neutralizer. This was too fast unfortunately, but I liked Cesaro holding Regal during a suplex. After the match, Cesaro saluted and put a Don't Tread On Me flag over Regal.

3MB wanted to join Fozzy. Jericho had Slater sing a little and said he'd think about it.

Crowd was kind of eh on Cena and he said he loved it. He said he liked the fans that hated him because they were honest.
Cena did his revisionist history on his 2012 again.
He said he can take on any challenge and he is focused on Money in the Bank. Cena said there would be no good time to cash in on him once someone wins a MITB briefcase.

Mark Henry said Cena was going to be the best of all time. He said if people remember nothing else, they will remember his suit.  Mark Henry announced his retirement.

Mark Henry hugged Cena and then body slammed him. He grabbed the belt and said, "That'll be mine soon". Great Angle here with the crowd going nuts for Henry throughout and cheering him. This is campy wrestling stuff right here and I totally bought into it.

On the pap, Zeb Coulter said Antonio Cesaro is joining "We The People". He called him, "Antonio Cesara". Zeb said in war you join odd alliances.

Mark Henry said he fooled everyone like puppets. He said he had two boots and one was for Cena's ass. He then challenged Cena for Money in the Bank.

Heath Slater vs Chris Jericho

Jericho won quick with a codebreaker. 3MB attacked after and he cleared them out.

Matt Striker asked Paul about Punk. Paul said he should be asking about Axel.

The PTP's said they weren't fooled in the back even though they were crying. Titus said he knew this would happen. The PTP's danced and DY sang a wrong version of either the Henry theme or Big Poppa. Both were wrong either way.

Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara

Curtis Axel's New Finisher

Curtis Axel won with a guillotine DDT with his legs wrapped around the body. This wasn't good and just didn't work.

They announced Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose for Smackdown.

We had a McMahon family argument with everyone telling Vickie to do different things to The Shield.

Paul Heyman told CM Punk he loved him and to win tonight.

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

On the app, they brawled outside and ADR slammed Punk off the desk. ADR brought him back in and did a axe-handle shot off the top on him and hit another. He worked a keylock and hit a new version of the cobra clutch.  He grabbed onto Punk's arm from under instead of over.
They said Daniel Bryan had a stinger, which was at least before a kind of a concussion and neck pain.

CM Punk won by Countout when Alberto Del Rio walked out. Decent match with some good work by Del Rio and tons of hard kicks to Punk's head. I enjoyed what they did and want more.

After the match, Ziggler jumped Alberto and chased him out.

Then Brock Lesnar appeared. He stared at Punk, grabbed a mic and then F-5'd him and smiled as he left.

Overall thoughts: This was a good Raw. There were a bunch of big angles, DB/Orton was good minus the finish and it was cool to see Cesaro/Regal. The Mark Henry segment was great and definitely must see.