Monday, June 17, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 Preview

Mark Henry is the big news for tonight. He has teased retirement, but this is wrestling and I don't buy it. We will see what happens, but I think the Wyatt Family or The Shield attacking him during him talking about retirement is the most probable option.

WWE Payback was last night and tonight, we should probably be getting some new storylines since some of them ended last night.

We should get a new direction with John Cena and Ryback. Their feud pretty much has to be over after Cena won cleanly last night, so we should have an idea of where both men are going next after tonight. It has been rumored that it will be John Cena vs Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank and tonight could start that.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, him and Orton had some problems last night and tonight we should know more about them. Their team didn't get along at all and a match between the two wouldn't be impossible.

The Shield is pretty wide open storyline wise. The Shield vs Team Hell No storyline should be coming to a close so they might show where they are going next tonight.

As I mentioned earlier, The Wyatt Family have been promising that they are coming and tonight may be the night. It would make sense since it should be on a Raw that people who didn't see the PPV will be watching.

Elsewhere on the show, we should know more about Kaitlyn. She walked off after having a fit last night and hopefully that will be explained.

We should get some obvious clues on what to make of Alberto and Dolph tonight. Some people thought there was a double turn last night between the two, while I thought there was just Alberto turning. But, with how bad of promo's that Alberto has cut and with how bad some of the reactions he has gotten have turned out, last night might have not meant anything at all.

Rob Van Dam could also be making an appearance. They said he would be at Money in the Bank and tonight would be a good night to get him into a storyline.

Stay tuned for live WWE Monday Night Raw 6/17/2013 Results with pics and gifs tonight at 8PM EST! Stay tuned after the show for even more pics and gifs!

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