Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WWE Main Event 6/5/2013 Results and Review

WWE Main Event 6/5/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Sheamus vs Antonio Cesaro

Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick in around 16-17 minutes. Good match here, as you would expect, but I wish it would have gone longer. Sheamus did a shoulder block off the apron, Cesaro then later caught a Sheamus shoulder block off the top with a European Uppercut. Cesaro did an awesome Flying Knee from the top and I loved his Chickenwing. Good stuff here that is worth a look. Rating:***1/4

The Uso's vs Team Rhodes Scholars
The Uso's were wearing facepaint, though this time, The Uso's facepaint was white and black.

The Uso's won with the Samoan Splash. Good match here. The crowd was into it, it got enough time and it was just a decent back and forth match. I guess they didn't do anything really special, but what they did, worked. Rating:***

Justin Gabriel vs Curt Hawkins
Gabriel has been getting a mini-push on Main Event and Superstars as of late. He should be the favorite here.

Justin Gabriel won with the 450 in a quick match. Not much to this but it was fine for what it was. Both guys looked fine and they both clobbered each other with some nasty forearms.

Overall thoughts: Good show with two good matches. This is worth a look.

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