Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WWE Main Event 6/26/2013 Preview

WWE Main Event 6/26/2013 Preview

Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes
This should be good and could be really good if everything aligns.  These two work similarly and Cody has been a bit better than usual, so this one should be a pretty safe bet. Cody has no shot in winning but that is to be expected. Jericho will probably win with a Walls of Jericho or a Codebreaker. I'd really like to see him catch Cody with a Codebreaker off of a a Disaster Kick as it would be a nice spot.

WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Christian
 This could really be awesome. Both are very good workers and I hope they get the time they deserve. Hopefully they do a little flying here and hopefully The Shield stays far out of it until after the match. I'm pretty pumped for this and can't wait to see what happens. I'm picking Christian to win by DQ. Ambrose won't be dropping any falls and Christian doesn't need to lose this, so The Shield jumping in would work out well for both parties.

The Prime-Time Players vs. Tons of Funk
This has no chance of being good, so hopefully it will be quick. The PTP's have been featured a little more lately and due to that, I'm picking them for an upset win.

Stay tuned for a live review of WWE Main Event 6/26/2013 with pics and gifs live at 8PM EST!

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