Friday, June 7, 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/7/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6/7/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

This is in progress and I have to go back to check out a little after the 15 minute mark, but I wanted to put something up.

 MizTv with Team Hell No and Randy Orton

Miz brought out Randy Orton and Team Hell No.
DB said that he realized that Orton didn't want to hit him on Monday and that Kane is the best partner he ever had. Miz tried to stir trouble and he did. He made a comment about DB being a troll, Orton went against it and DB got mad about it too as did Kane. Orton said he lost respect for DB after weak link stuff and DB took it that he was a whiner.
Kane and DB had an argument about trust and DB being left to fight The Shield alone. DB said Kane was forced to team with him and Kane would leave DB if he had anyone else to team with.

Kane had enough of this and left. Miz thought that they just broke up and DB flipped out at the idea of being blamed for this.
Teddy Long came out and said since DB had a lot to prove so tonight it would be Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton vs The Shield.

Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho

They talked about Axel's wins so far and said Jericho would "learn what its like to be perfect".

Curtis Axel won with a roll-up after Heyman pointed to the tron showing CM Punk's entrance and Jericho got distracted. Punk didn't show. The match wasn't bad but I don't think Axel is ever going to get a clean win at this point.

Jericho gave Axel a whooping after.

Ryback and Kane had a good interaction. Ryback laughed at putting DB through a table on Monday and Kane was mad about it. Kane said that Ryback's rules don't apply to him as he has set people on fire and buried his own brother.

Alberto Del Rio vs Heath Slater

This never got started. WWE has a new rule where you can do anything you want to your opponent before the match and it won't count as a DQ unless the bell rings. So, you could theoretically bring a gun to the ring and shoot your opponent, with no actions being taken. 3MB jumped Del Rio, ADR got the advantage and tapped out Slater, then Ricardo came in to do clean up and get 3MB out.
Dolph wasn't impressed and said he'd see ADR on Raw.

Kane vs Ryback

Kane won by DQ when Ryback powerbombed him through a table. This was one of the better matches both men ever had. Ryback gorilla pressing Kane was amazing and him powerbombing Kane was no small feat either. Good match here which definitely surprised me. Rating:***

"You are all a bunch of checkerminds, living in a chess world." - Damien Sandow
Sandow ripped on Nassau Community College.
"You are too kind Damien...." - Deep Blue | "SILENCE!" - Damien Sandow
Damien Sandow had "Deep Blue" which is a Supercomputer which beat chess champion Gary Kasparov. .He said he would take on the computer and beat it.
"Little known fact - Bobby Fisher was a chess champion at age 15. I was at age 8." - Damien Sandow
Sheamus came out.

Sheamus wasn't impressed. He said he could beat the computer in one move.
"It's like watching an orangutang try to solve a crossword puzzle." - Damien Sandow
"Sheamus is the new Irish grandmaster chess champion." - Cole

"Sheamus comes down here and destroys the supercomputer Deep Blue, ruins these people's enjoyment of watching a great chess grandmaster like Damien Sandow. Sheamus deserves this." - Amen, JBL, Amen.
Sheamus took a well deserved whooping for ruining a multi million dollar computer and Sandow really came off like the face here. Sheamus has had this coming by being such a jerk who goes out of his way to mess with Sandow.

Orton said Kane went to the trainer's room after their match. DB warned Orton to stay out of his way. Orton said he didn't like partners and he didn't like DB.

We got the same Wyatt Family promo from Monday.

Fandango vs Zack Ryder

Fandango won with a top rope legdrop in a quick squash. Fandango busted out a powerbomb here.

Kaitlyn said she'd meet her secret admirer on Raw. Natalya was concerned that you know, live tv may not be the best place to meet a secret admirer and that meeting them in private might be better. She said the guy might be creep and Kaitlyn said if he was a creep, he'd be texting Natalya.

The Shield vs Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

The faces won by DQ when Dean Ambrose interfered. The match was good once DB made his typical big comeback and the crowd went nuts. He went for a dropkick in the corner and nailed Orton on accident then the DQ happened. He fought off The Shield but Orton got revenge and RKO'd DB. Good segment and a good match here.

Overall thoughts: Good show with some decent wrestling, Sandow being great and Ryback/Kane both performing well.


  1. I couldn't agree more on Sheamus. He's not even a anti-hero. He comes off as a bully, with anger problems.

  2. Fandango vs

    You didn't type "Zack Ryder"

    'She said the guy might be creep and Kaitlyn said if he was a creep, he'd be texting Kaitlyn.'

    You mean 'he'd be texting **Natalya'