Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ranking the WWE Divas

Ranking the WWE Divas

Since there aren't many divas and since the divas aren't featured much anymore, I thought it would be interesting to rank the WWE Divas. This list is just my opinion based on seeing every WWE show since Setepmber 2012. I'm not saying I'm 100% right and do keep in mind that we all have different tastes.

Here are a couple of rules on my list:
- The list will be based on wrestling ability, promo's and how skilled they are at playing their roles.
- The Bella Twins will be put as a team. I can't tell them apart wrestling wise.
- No divas who have not been on NXT TV will be included.
- I'm not including Vickie Guerrero or Stephanie McMahon for obvious reasons.
- I'm not basing the list on looks, but I may mention looks.

This list was legitimately hard to rank because a lot of the girls are talented and often the strengths and weaknesses of one diva is entirely different than the other. I've changed this list multiple times, so that should tell you how close some of these girls are to each other.


1 - Emma - It is hard to rank Emma anywhere except #1. She is the most over diva in the WWE, possibly ever. The crowd loves her and I do too. Her gimmick as a bad dancer is great. It works so well because EVERYONE is a bad dancer and it is really easy to copy her. Anyone can do "The Emma" and everyone tries to. Her wrestling is fine and she is including new moves and get better, so she is definitely on the way up. She is maybe the brightest prospect in the WWE and I can't wait to see what she does next.

2 - Natalya - She is a great wrestler and decent enough at the other stuff. She has been criminally underused for years and may have had the worst gimmick of all time when she had a "farting" gimmick. She has carried tons of awful workers over the years, but doesn't really have the personality/talking that Emma has, so she got ranked #2. Arguments could be made for her to be #1 and they are fair arguments and I don't have any problems with those.

3 - Layla - Layla is the most underrated woman in the WWE. She's not a great technical wrestler like Natalya, but she is good at the WWE style. She's fun to watch, she usually has good matches and she is always doing some new stuff in her matches. She's fine on the mic and she has shown flashes of character in the past. I always look forward to Layla matches and I wish she would get more chances to shine. I also wish she would get her old opponents like Beth Phoenix and Eve back.

4 - Paige -  Paige is pretty much the complete package while being the second most over diva in NXT. She can wrestle, she is okay enough on the mic and the fans love her. She looks different than the average diva and should be a star in the future.

5  - AJ Lee - While AJ doesn't wrestle much, she has good matches when she does. She is flexible and light and does some stuff the other divas don't. However, her strong point is definitely her talking and her character. She really hit a home run with her work outside of the ring and has gotten over well. You have to give her credit where credit is due, because she easily could have been another Ashley Massaro. Her crazy character is over and has been a focal point of many different storylines. She is by far the most important woman in the WWE storyline/character wise.

6 - Naomi - Some might say Naomi should be higher up on the list and I kind of agree, but the top part of this list was hard to make. Naomi is really exciting, has charisma and has her timing down well. Naomi is always a treat to watch and doesn't get enough of a chance to show her stuff. This is how she fell on my list. Naomi has gotten very little mic time and I don't think she has had over 10 televised singles matches in the last 6 months. She also rarely gets singles matches so it is hard to really rate her. If she gets featured more, she should be able to move up on the list.

7 - Summer Rae - She is the current ProWresBlog Rookie of the Year and has been impressive in her short time on the NXT roster. She has some good submission holds and really plays her gimmick well. She is essentially the new Maryse and should be a diva for some time to come.

8 - The Bella Twins - The Bellas have been entertaining and have some personality skills. They have some fun spots and aren't bad at all.

9 - Kaitlyn - Kaitlyn has really been an uninspired champion. She either kills herself or has boring matches with no inbetween. She has very little charisma or character and is very overpushed.

10 - Alicia Fox - Fox is one of those divas that is around so little that you forget she is there at all. I've seen her do some decent stuff but she is around so infrequently that it is hard to remember. I'm kind of surprised she has been around so long while doing so little.

11 - Cameron - She has been really good in tag matches where she can hit her spots and go but we don't know what she is like in singles, on the mic or what she is as a character yet. Let's see what she can do and maybe she will go higher.

12 - Sasha Banks - We don't see enough of her, but she has been fine as a face. She doesn't have anything really memorable though on her resume.

13 - Aksana - She has improved and focused more on her character but she is mostly there for eye candy and is not that great in ring. She probably will never be, but she has been worse.

14 - Tamina Snuka - She has no character whatsoever and is boring to watch. She is basically in due to her family connections and being a little bit tall. She isn't good looking and I wonder why she is even in the WWE. WWE has basically given up on her after a quick run and I don't have any problems with that.

15 - Bayley (NXT) - Bayley has only made a few appearances and they were largely forgettable. She shouldn't be on the list at all really since we haven't seen much of her, but she is. We don't know how good or bad she is but hopefully in the future we will find out. She gets this spot just because we don't know much about her.

16 - Rosa Mendes - While she has improved a little, she is still Rosa Mendes. She can dance well and I guess is good at being annoying when yelling in Spanish, but that is all she has going for her. She's terrible in the ring and she is never going to improve significantly.


  1. I'm so out of the WWE loop that I haven't seen most of these people ever compete. Some reactions on people I saw in the past.

    2. Natalya-Not surprised to see her near the top. I assume her job is to carry the bad divas to watchable matches and the OK divas to good matches.

    3. Layla-Back when she first came on the scene, I thought she seemed a better prospect that most.

    8. Bella twins-Unless they've improved a lot, seem like they should just be valets.

    10. Alicia Fox-I know I've seen her, but I can't remember a damn thing about her.

    14. Tamina Snuka-Hard to believe she hasn't been future endeavored. She's not hot enough to warrant a place on looks and not good enough to warrant a place on workrate. Is the Snuka name really that big of a deal, especially in a federation that does things like making sure nobody knows that Mr. Perfect's kid is Mr. Perfect's kid.

    16. Rosa Mendes--She was terrible and seems so easily replaceable.

    Are they still using Sara Del Ray as a backstage trainer and keeping her off TV, or did they fire her already?

  2. Hey JoshI,

    I guess Sara is a backstage trainer but I don't know anything about what she does or what her influence is.

    Natalya is a perennial carrier unfortunately. If WWE wanted to give her a chance, it would have happened years ago.

    I really enjoy Layla matches. She is just fun to watch and I wish she'd get on TV more.

    The Bellas are okay. They are better than before, that's for sure.

    Alicia Fox has been around since 2008 but for the last two years, it has been hard to remember that she is even on the roster. She may make TV less than anyone not named Rosa Mendes.

    I'm guessing they keep Tamina around since she is close to Rock.

    Rosa is good at dancing lol Other than that, eh.

  3. I'd like to see the new ranking of these divas NOW ! can you/will you re-do it by the end of the year, maybe ? because I don't agree with most these ...