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CHIKARA 5/18/2013 Tag World Grand Prix ~1st Stage~

CHIKARA 5/18/2013 Tag World Grand Prix ~1st Stage~

1st Round - The Young Bucks vs The Baltic Siege - Latvian Proud Oak and The Estonian Thunderfrog

The Young Bucks won with a Spike Tombstone Piledriver. The match was almost all comedy. The Latvian Proud Oak's gimmick is that he is a tree. So at times, he plants himself into the ground and won't move. He is pretty bad though, and I don't think that is a gimmick. He moves a lot like Bugsy McGraw and is really uncoordinated. The match was entertaining. Oak couldn't figure out how to do a good superkick, so one of the Buck tried to teach him. He still couldn't do it, so a Buck showed him how to do it by trying to kick him. Then at the last second, he moved and a Buck superkicked a Buck. The Buck's also spent a while trying to lift Thunderfrog's hammer and failing.

Round 1 - The Spectral Envoy vs The Colony: Extreme Force

Frightmare got the win by DQ after Orbit Adventure Ant unmasked him. The match was good. It wasn't too long and they didn't get to do a ton, but it was fine. The Ant's tried to unmask Frightmare the whole match, so this made sense.

 The Bravado's didn't say much. They said they were going to win the Grand Prix and had been all over the world lately.

1st Round - The Batiri vs The Bravado Brothers

One of the Batiri won with a DDT off the top. I wasn't a big fan of this one. The Bravado's are very uninteresting to me and I had no real reason to get into this.

The Daywalkers cut a promo. They said they were hungry for success and blood tonight. The promo was pretty bad.

1st Round - The Daywalkers (Alexandre Barnabus Castle & Mathias Cage) vs. Zero Gravity

The DayWalkers won with a Backdrop/Brogue Kick combo. This was really indy. Both teams are and it shows. The Walkers missed stuff and were really akward and they all did a bunch of big moves. I didn't like this at all.

The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant) vs. Los Ice Creams

Colt Cabana was out beforehand and tripped an Ice Cream with the steps. They sent him off after.

Green Ant won with a frogsplash. This was a little disappointing. It was all comedy and the comedy went way too long. It brought me out of the match and took it down a few notches. A shame because both of these teams can work.

 The Corporation said they were going out there to be successful, because that's what you have to do to go to the pay window.

The Devastation Corporation vs.Gary the Barn Owl & Pierre Abernathy

The Heart Throbs weren't there, so names had to be drawn out of a hat. Gary The Barn Owl's name was drawn three times. The hat that was used for the drawing ended up being Pierre's.

The match lasted about 10 seconds until the Corporation won.

Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. Saturyne & Heidi Lovelace

Arik Cannon got the win with a brainbuster. They did all comedy in the beginning with the men can't hit the women storyline, then Corbin made the whole match go in slow motion mode for a while. They came back and the girls flew while the guys tried not to kill them until eventually wanting to win and doing moves on them to take it.

The Soul Touchaz said they would touch souls and their opponents would either take an M-80 or a Weapon of Jazz Destruction.

Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw & The Shard) vs. Da Soul Touchaz (Marshe Rockett & Acid Jaz)

The Shard got the win with a grounded ankle lock. I didn't really like this one. There wasn't much of a story to it and it was just too indy for me. They didn't do the Chikara style at all and never got me into this.
Overall thoughts: I think others will be higher on this than I was, but this wasn't for me. It was either moves or comedy with no inbetween, and that's not for me.

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