Saturday, June 1, 2013

Abdullah Kobayashi - Hepatitus C positive?

Abdullah Kobayashi - Hepatitus C positive?

Tokyo Sports reported that Abdullah Kobayashi may be Hepatitus C positive. He has been accused of infecting people with stuff before. He came down with a flu earlier this year that infected two trainees and during a routine test, doctors discovered some odd results which led to him getting tested. He will know the results of his Hepatitus C test on Monday and this test could be and important but unfortunate moment in the history of Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

If you haven't watched Abdullah Kobayashi before, this would come as a shock, but if you have seen his matches, this really isn't all that surprising. He is a deathmatch wrestler and one of the most extreme wrestlers out there right now. He has bled during the majority of his matches from his 18 year career. He regularly walks around with open wounds. In the last year alone, he has put objects such as metal, wood, sticks, salt, plants, animals(yes, really), liquids including alcohol, glass, SYRINGES, other people's blood, other people's sweat, barbed wire, thumbtacks, fire and other objects in his body.  As you can tell by this list, he is basically begging for something to happen.

If Abdullah Kobayashi is indeed Hepatitus C positive, there will be multiple problems. The biggest problem is that he came in contact regularly with most of the roster while having open wounds. This is how diseases transfer and with him doing these activities night in and night out in a worst possible scenario, most of the roster could have been infected or atleast come in contact with him. This is dangerous and could kill the company. The problem, while unlikely, could also span to other promotions and really could create a nasty situation.

The next biggest problem is that Big Japan Pro Wrestling is going to have to change something. They work a very hard and violent style every show and this possible disease could serve as a wake up call to make some changes. As much as I love deathmatch wrestling, I do feel bad at times for enjoying it. The main death match crew probably have hundreds of scars and their bodies are ruined.  BJW may have to change their style and will surely have to deal with an unhappy fanbase. A lot of the BJW roster cannot work good matches though without weapons and I don't see anyone spending money to see Jaki Numazawa try to wrestle technical classics.

Hopefully Abdullah Kobayashi is not Hepatitus C positive and hopefully, BJW can learn something from this situation.

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