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10 Greatest Wrestlers Who Never Wrestled in the WWE

10 Greatest Wrestlers Who Never Wrestled in the WWE

With WWE releasing a list of the greatest wrestlers who never appeared in the WWE, I thought I'd write my own. There are multiple wrestlers who never appeared in the WWE, so if I didn't list them, don't be upset!

10. Frank Gotch - I'm going really old school with this one. Frank Gotch wasn't even alive before Capitol Wrestling Sports, and therefore, never had a chance to go to WWE. This is a bit silly, but it is true!

9. Keiji Mutoh/The Great Muta - The WWE mentioned this one. Keiji Mutoh never appeared for the WWE despite being close to appearing around 1989-1990. Supposedly, WWE was interested in Mutoh, but it never happened and he has yet to appear on WWE TV. Mutoh appeared in the NWA, WCW, ROH and TNA, but not the WWE. While Mutoh could be lazy at times, he was still a great wrestler when inspired and really would have been a great fit for the WWE.

8. Toshiaki Kawada - While the Big 4 of AJPW would appear to be perfect candidates on paper, two of them(Misawa and Kobashi) technically did appear on a WWF joint show with All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1990. However, Toshiaki Kawada was not on the card and never even came within a mile of appearing the WWE. His closest appearance would be during his time in Stampede Wrestling.

7. Hiroshi Tanahashi - Tanahashi is a top worker and has been voted the best in the world before, but has never appeared in the WWE. He has gotten offers, but he is the king of NJPW and has no need to appear in the WWE. Sometimes, it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. He could appear someday though.

6. Gorgeous George - Despite being a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, Gorgeous George never appeared in the WWE, or any of it's previous incarnations. George was as big as it gets for a short time and is still remembered today. He did appear in Madison Square Garden, but only briefly and before the WWE was around.

5. Jackie Sato - Since I am Joshi Rob, I have to include a Joshi mention. Jackie Sato is maybe the second or third biggest star all-time in women's wrestling, but never appeared in the WWE. She was a huge star in Japan and never really needed the WWE. Add in her early retirement and the WWE's disinterest in most foreign women and this one comes as no surprise.
4. Blue Demon -Blue Demon is the second most popular Mexican wrestler of all-time, but never appeared in the WWE. He was too big of a star and never needed to appear, much like El Santo.

3. La Momia/Martín Karadagian - He was a top star in Titanes En El Ring and being a cultural icon in Argnetia, Kaaradagian and his La Momia(The Mummy) character never appeared in the WWE and never got close. He was shorter and while he was on top, WWWF would have looked down on his style of wrestling, which isn't that far off from today's WWE.

2. Rikidozan - Despite being a cultural icon, he never appeared in the WWE. He died young and he owned his own wrestling company, therefore giving him no reason to appear. WWE, or Capitol Wrestling Corporation as it was known at that time, would have had no interest in him anyway.

1. El Santo - Mexican legend El Santo never appeared in the WWE and never came close. He didn't need the WWE and really never made any trips into the eastern United States. He may be the most popular wrestler of all-time, but it never happened.

Wrestlers Who Technically Did Appear in the WWE
On different technicalities, there were wrestlers who appeared in the WWF. Here are a few notable wrestlers:

Wrestlers from All Japan Pro Wrestling - Misawa and Kobashi never did a WWF match, right? Well, technically wrong. They appeared on the WWF/AJPW Wrestling Summit and since it was partially a WWF event, many obvious picks like Kobashi, Misawa, Tsuruta, Choshu and others were eliminated. Masa Chono and Shinya Hashimoto both also appeared on the card, thereby knocking them out.

Wrestlers from WCW - WWF bought WCW and therefore, even though wrestlers on the last Nitro, did appear for WCW, they technically did appear for the WWF too, as they owned the show. This disqualifies Sting and other wrestlers.

Territorial Stars - Most stars from the territory days did appear in the WWF. Verne Gagne had a few appearances, Brody appeared as did Nick Bockwinkle, Mad Dog Vachon, Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher and others.

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